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Gyldemar Forest
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The remnants of an ancient outpost stand silent vigil in this forest of tall black oaks and ash trees. Once home to an enclave of elven rangers, the outpost and the surrounding woods were polluted by ill-begotten magic, corrupting the local well and making the once-stately oaks brittle and lifeless. Even as the tree-homes of the outpost began to fall, the indigenous wood sprites, once playful and friendly, became crazed and filled with malicious intent. Joined by the monstrous tusked ursian and shadowy forest bendith, the sprites drove the last of the rangers from their home, leaving only decaying huts and a befouled well as testament to their once-proud guild.

Home Region: Sylvarraend

Indigenous Creatures: wood sprite, tusked ursian, lesser faeroth, horned vor'taz, greater faeroth and forest bendith.

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