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Gyldemar Green
< Geographic Area

Known as Gyldemar Green, this southwest corner of Gyldemar Forest is home to a large variety of flora and fauna. An assortment of wildlife populates the area, from the harmless to the deadly. Beaver and trout make their homes in a brook that meanders through the eastern section of Gyldemar Green, while raptors and leopards seek their prey. A large waterfall cascades down from the north, filling a pool and feeding a brook to its south. Northern half of the Green is hillier and the trees are mostly coniferous, while to the south the foliage is more deciduous.

Home Region: Sylvarraend

Points of Interest: Calelith Villa

Rumors: Many rumors surround the now deserted Calelith Villa. Of most concern to anyone travelling through this area, is the rumor that whatever happened here before could happen again.

Indigenous Creatures: mastodonic leopard, forest trali, forest trali shaman and dreadnought raptor.

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