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Elanthian Flora Guide

Climate Zones Low Brush and Bushes
Flowers [ A-J, L-W ] Plants and Herbs
Grasses Trees
Lichen, Mosses, and Fungi Vines and Parasitics
Flower Language  

Elanthian Location Codes
EN Elven Nations PF Pinefar / Aenatumgana TV Ta'Vaalor
IMT Icemule Trace RR River's Rest WL Wehnimer's Landing
KD Kharam Dzu /
Teras Isle
SH Solhaven ZL Zul Logoth /
Kharag 'doth Dzulthu
OTF Old Ta'Faendryl TI Ta'Illistim OTH Other

Overall Compilation and Research GM Andraste
Herbs, Edibles, and Foraging GM Cyr
Woods and Trees GM Talairi
Referencing GM Brauden
Creativity GM Llearyn, GM Solomon, GM Andraste
QC GM Vogue, GM Ozias
Special Thanks To Lady Tanager Skydancing, for allowing us to excerpt her Elanthia Flora Guide, and for providing inspiration

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