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Index of Documents
Table of Contents

Document Categories
Combat and Magic Other Random Stuff
Deities Professions and Guilds
Equipment and Magical Items Races and Cultures
Events Skills and Statistics
History and Legend The World of Elanthia
Organizations and Societies  

Combat and Magic

Charge Item Guide
Everything you need to know about how to charge items

Combat Guide
How to survive in battle

Death Help
Dead again? Here's what to expect.

Combat Maneuvers
Headbutt, dirt kick, garrotte, shield bash, and more ...

Everything the wizard needs to know.

Familiars and Eye Spy
Tips and Information on Wizard and Sorcerer Familiars
Lore Skills and How They Affect Spells
Information on how training in lores affect your spells
Magic Guide
Concepts, Casting, Mana, Results, Magic Items
Notes on "Animal Companion"
Tips and Information on this Ranger Spell
Spell Circles
Elemental, Spiritual, Wizard, Sorcerer, Cleric, Empath, Ranger, and Bard circles


Elven Dogma & Theology
Vaalor, Nalfein, Ardenai, Ashrim, Loenthra, Illistim

Gods of Elanthia
Charl, Cholen, Eonak, Imaera, Jastev, Kai, Koar, Lorminstra, Lumnis, Oleani, Phoen, Ronan, Tonis, Gosaena, Zelia, Andelas, Eorgina, Fash'lo'nae, Ivas, Luukos, Marlu, Mularos, Sheru, V'tull, Lesser Spirits

History of Eorgina
Goddess of Darkness, Domination and Tyranny

History of Leya
Patroness of Amazons and Martial Arts

History of Lumnis
Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge

History of Luukos
The history of this Arkati from the Compendium of Elven Legend.

The Legend of L'Naere
The Rogue Arkati

Equipment and Magical Items

Weapons, armor, materials & enhancements
Damage and Repair
Keep your gear in good repair
Herbs & Remedies
Herbs, Potions, Teas, Ales & Miscellaneous Healing Foods
Weapon and Armor Materials
The materials for all weapons and armor.


Box Office
Special event, wedding and portrait sales
Calendar of Events
What's going on in Elanthia?
Event Summaries
Up to date summaries on longterm storylines.
Gladiatorial Games
Arena combat for fun and profit
Merchant Guide
Merchant Shops, Merchant Services and More
Roleplaying Awards
The Adventurer's Perspective, RP Awards Explained
Cathedral Wedding, "Elope With Me" Plan

History and Legend

Elanthian Myths and Legends
Lesser-known legends of the Elven Nations
Half-Elven Songs
The songs of the pariah of elven and human lands.
History of Kilron
The man, the legend ...
Incomplete History of River's Rest
The historical role of this Turamzzyrian settlement
Lady Yula and the Eldrich Crystal
The legend of the ALAE Crystal
Legend of Soulingen
The sword of Kai
Official History of Elanthia
The Beginning, Age of the Drakes, Elven Empire, Age of Chaos, Modern Era
Silver Valley
The legend of Jaron Galarn and the horses of Silver Valley
Philomaera: A Tale of the Goating
The smallest of the Truefolk shows her character
The Legend of Halcyon Hills
Tales for Human Children
What can we learn from a blind man?
Timeline of Elanthian History
From the Modern World to the Ancient
Introduction to The Enchiridion Valentia and Summoning
Notes about summoning and the tome that deals with valences and demons
The Enchiridion Valentia
The Faendryl text, Common Language Version

Racial histories listed in Races and Cultures.

Organizations and Societies

Council of Light
Does it exist?
Houses of Elanthia
Player-run organizations similar to private clubs
Legacy of the Lorekeepers
The history of the Order of Lorekeepers
Meeting Halls
Player Organizations without Great Houses
Order of Voln
Lord Voln, the Voln Monastery, the 26 Steps to Mastery

Other Random Stuff

Account FAQ
Password, billing, general account information
Account Security
Tips on protecting your account
Buddy Program
Win prizes for signing up friends
Feedback Tips
If you need to write to Simutronics...
GameHosts, GameMasters, Mentors, Monitors
Simutronics staff descriptions and applications
Letter to Parents
From Eric Slick, former DragonRealms Product Manager and father of five
Name Guidelines
How to choose an appropriate name for your character
The most full-featured GemStone IV subscription
Platinum Guide
Helpful advice when starting to play in a whole new Elanthia.
A Player's Guide to Musical Instrument Alterations
Everything you need to know to personalize your musical instrument.
Privacy Policy
What we do with collected information and how we protect your privacy
Enhance your GemStone IV experience
Private Homes
Individual homes for Premium subscribers
Rules of Conduct
Game policy
Terms & Conditions
Your account agreement

Professions and Guilds

Bard, Cleric, Empath, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Warrior, Wizard
Rogue Guild
An option for Rogues 15th level and higher
Warrior Guild
An option for Warriors 15th level and higher

Races and Cultures

Brief History of the Aelotoi
Beginning with their Arrival on Elanthia
Concerning Half-Krolvin
The origins of the Half-Krolvin
Cultural Selection Guide
Dwarven Clans, Human Settlements, Sylvan Dha'renals and more ...
Giantman Clans
T'kirem, Grot'karesh, Wsalimir, Araime, Grishknel, Maeramil, Issimir, Vaikalimara
Giantman History
From their origins to recent times
Half-Elves: From Outsiders to Heroes
The race the elves love to hate...
History of the Dhe'nar
The history of the Dhe'nar (dark) elves
History of the Dwarves
Delving into the past and forging ahead...
History of the Faendryl Empire
The history of the Faendryl (Dark) Elves
History of the Gnomes
Lines of Blood
History of the Truefolk
The Halfling clans: Mhoragian, Brughan, Malghavan, and Paradis.

History of the Turamzzyrian Empire
Map, Timeline, State of the Empire

The Kiramon: A Scientific Study
The Out of Character History of the Kiramon
Humankind, Elvenkind, Dwarves, Halflings, etc.
A Study of the Erithi
The People of the Sky

Skills and Statistics

Cobbling Guide
Guide to making your own boots and shoes (part of our artisan skills section)
Fletching Guide
Guide to making your own arrows and bolts (part of our artisan skills section)
Forging Guide
Guide to making weapons (part of our artisan skills section)
Level Chart
Experience requirements for each level in GemStone IV.
Armor, Weapons, Magic Use, General Skills, Special Skills, Bonuses, Training
All about Character Stats.

World of Elanthia

Invaluable text detailing the characteristics and habitats of the creatures of Elanthia
Climate Zones
Temperate, coastal, desert, etc.
Color Maps of Elanthia
Full color maps of the continents of Elanthia

Command Guide
List of commands you can use in GemStone IV

Constellations of the Northern Sky
The best-known constellations, grouped by season

Ally with your favorite Elanthian City
Elanthian Flora
Elanthian plant-life classified by type
Fire, Earth, Water, Air
Gastronomical Identification and Imitation
or, How to Recognize and Reproduce the Food of the Larger Races
Gemstones of Elanthia
Values, Lore, Locations and Descriptions of the various Gemstones of Elanthia
Geographica Elanthia
A Guide to the Centers of Civilization & Surrounding Wilderness
Incomplete History of River's Rest
The historical role of this Turamzzyrian settlement
The Krolgeh Language
The language of the krolvin is referred to as krolgeh.
The Layman's Guide to Elven Heraldry
Personal, Family and House Heraldry
The Moons of Elanthia
Lornon, Liabo, Tilaok and Makiri
An Overview of Elanthian Magic
Magic and how it's used in Elanthian Cultures.
Player-Owned Trade Shops
A Guide for Business Owners
Recognizing Elven Crests
A Brughan Perspective
A Speech Unspoken
The Language of Flowers
Time on their Hands
The Evolution of Elven Art
A Traveller's Guide to the Turamzzyrian Empire
The customs, lore, resources and more of the Imperial Territories.
World Costume for Theatrical Productions
A window into the most typical or traditional garb of each race.


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