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Command Guide

Dimmed letters are not yet complete.

The Elves say that Dwarves can't scratch their head and chew Ambrominas Leaf at the same time. Unfortunately, the truth is more painful: Many Elanthians don't know HOW to scratch their heads, much less chew Ambrominas Leaf. Without a clear understanding of commands, adventure in Elanthia is flat and uninteresting. What fun is killing an orc, if you can't kick dirt on it's corpse? How frustrating would life be, if you couldn't turn away and ignore an irritating pest? This guide was created to make the myriad of roleplaying options available to the citizens of Elanthia.

How to Use this Guide

Commands are listed in alphabetical order, and organized in pages based on the first letter of the command. Each command section will be arranged in the following format:

COMMAND - Command description.

COMMAND <Option>
(special circumstances)

>command example

Resulting messaging you would see.

Resulting messaging others would see.

All commands will be displayed in a MONOSPACE FONT. Many commands include options which will give different results. When the option is a word which may vary depending on the circumstances (for instance, a player name) then that option will be placed in <brackets>.


Eratika Lycepiquer created "The Incredibly Lengthy Verb List" from which the majority of the content of this guide was taken.

The following players assisted her in collecting information:

Aelphaba, Trakkar, Chypher, Kelista, Geratch, Hannal, Khait, Angelianna, Desias, Mondain, Sofaltis, Phatall, Kassy, Brianus, Narissa, Sverk, Agenais, Akane, Phantazmagoriia, Wormdoc, Seigurd, Ellidrin, Gentledove, Vagren, Frumpy, Reedy, Talena, Seashimmer, Azure, Bloodsnake, Naamit, Gauntauro, Cattriona, Falya, Xorthos, Dazmilar, Jaren, Katlinel, Mirti, Gallinda, Murgin, Naryia, Kalkor, Wexna, Antalya, Anvilstone, Daqiva, Oneirin, Saphyne, Elleth, Aeillien, Redkaven, Marica, Phoroneus, Nindy, Dalnirath, Dalnirath, Maltiek, Shadowbaron, Leung, Caereth, Strina, Heather, Moirane, Desmonique, Olgretien, Amerlise, the Coven and Moonstone Abbey.


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