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GemStone IV Combat Reference Guide

Combat is an integral part of the GemStone experience. Beyond the walls of town, the world is a lawless wilderness full of savage beasts and strange entities. Bandits, trolls, serpents, and the undead are common sights wandering the fertile wilds of Elanthia. Unwitting adventurers can easily meet their end on the tip of a foe's pike.

Though towns are largely safe, rampaging evils occasionally breach the walls. Whether it be in town or the wilderness, arming yourself with a blade and shield is not enough to ensure your survival: the successful adventurer knows the ins and outs of battle in Elanthia, many of which are contained within this guide.

It would be remiss to assume that all of the secrets of warfare are contained within these paltry pages. The information within is meant as a primer for would-be combatants. True mastery of the combat system comes only with time and experience.


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