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Overview of Citizenship

Citizenship comes in two varieties. The first is partial citizenship. Some realms may allow certain races/cultures/professions to only gain partial citizenship. The second form of citizenship is full citizenship. Again this may be restricted.

Please note that some characters may not be able to obtain citizenship in a certain realm due any number of factors. Race and culture are currently the primary limiters.

Citizenship as a whole is meant to evolve over time. Benefits and point adding systems will continue to be added to the game.

Citizenship Points

Citizenship is obtained by earning citizenship points. These points can be earned in several ways. Interactions with certain NPCs, purchases at shops and usage of other town services are prime examples.

Without citizenship in a realm, you may earn citizenship points in more than one realm at a time. If you have citizenship status you may continue to earn citizenship points in that realm, but not in any other realm.

You may visit a citizenship clerk to check to see if you are eligible for citizenship in that realm and if you have enough points to gain citizenship. Simply ASK NPC ABOUT CITIZENSHIP to check this. Citizenship clerks are most likely found in that realm's central government building.

To check your citizenship points, ASK CLERK ABOUT STATUS. The clerk's response will depend on the number of citizenship points you have. If the clerk states you are eligible for citizenship, simply WRITE your name in the book located in the office to make it official. If you wish to resign your citizenship status, simply CLEAN the book in the citizenship office.

Citizen Command

The command CITIZEN can be used to see your current citizenship status.

Citizenship Benefits

Citizenship currently provides the following benefits (more on the way!):

  • Merchants provide discounts to citizens. Please note that this only applies to the merchants on the brand new system.
  • Note exchanges provide discounts to citizens.
  • Icemule citizens no longer have to pay gate fees.
  • Citizens of Wehnimer's Landing no longer have to pay gate fees.
  • Zul Logoth citizens receive discounted mining cart rides.

Racial Limitations

Each town has its own policies on which races can apply for citizenship. Some towns have no restrictions, while others are very restrictive. There are also towns that allow partial citizenship based on race. See the table below.

Wehnimer's Landing No restrictions
Teras Isle No restrictions
Solhaven No restrictions
River's Rest No restrictions
Icemule Trace No restrictions
Zul Logoth Dwarf full/others partial
Ta'Illistim Elf & Aelotoi full/Sylvan & Dwarf partial
Ta'Vaalor Elf & Aelotoi full/Sylvan & Dwarf partial
Cysaegir No restrictions
Isle of Four Winds No restrictions






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