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Field Guide to Beasts & Wildlife
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dhu goleras

Dull, mottled, grey skin covers the dhu goleras's stubby, wrinkled torso. The arms appear twice as long as they should be, ending in long, twig-like fingers. The legs are the opposite. Short and misshapen, they have three knees each, giving the dhu goleras a peculiar, hobbling gait, yet with incredible quickness. Huge, lidless, moon-shaped eyes with white irises bulge from a bony cranium atop a long, thin, rubbery neck. Green ichor drips from around the eyes, running down the sunken cheeks. The dhu goleras extends his long white tongue and licks off what ichor he can reach, consuming it with relish.


Body Type: Hybrid
Family: goleras
Level: 78
Attacks: Claws and Ensnares.
Habitats: Blighted Forest.

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