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Field Guide to Beasts & Wildlife
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black rolton

This is obviously a prime example of the beast of legend, the fiend of song and tale. Known near and far as an implacable enemy of early settlers, it was this ferocious sheeplike creature that earned the epithet of Sorcerer-Killer in its sordid past. The black rolton is covered with a dusty, matted, disgusting-looking black pelt that is abysmally smelly. However, it isn't this trait alone that gives her such a terrifying appearance. As the animal bleats at you, it is then you get a view of the 'maw of death', with its long, curved incisors that gnash and gnaw. The critter has some nasty-looking hooves as well.


Body Type: Quadruped
Family: rolton
Level: 1
Attacks: Bites.
Habitats: Yander's Farm.

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