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Forging Guide: Page Five

  Page 1.......... Forging Overview
  Page 2.......... The Glyphs
  Page 3.......... The Grinder
  Page 4.......... The Forge
  Page 5.......... The Polisher
    The Vise

The Polisher
Both the head and the handle of a weapon must be polished before the weapon can be assembled. In order to operate the polisher, a character must hold the weapon part in their left hand and LEAN POLISHER.

The Vise
The vise is used to assemble two parts of a weapon or forging-hammer into a completed and functional item. Successful use of the vise is dependent upon the character's Crafting skill. The verb used to start the vise is TURN.

Vises are available within forging workshops, which must be rented in order to use. When a character's rental time is expired, the vise will stop working.

To use the vise a character must be in good enough health to operate it, must be wearing a crafting apron, and must be holding a weapon handle in one hand and a weapon head in the other. The handle and head must be finished by the polisher and must be compatible.

A character's level of success at the vise is dependent on their health, crafting skill, agility and discipline bonuses, their profession, and a random element. Successfully using the vise will result in a completed weapon, however, if a failure occurs, the parts will need to be assembled again. Extraordinary failures will create an weapon of lower quality, and an extraordinary success will result in a weapon of higher quality.



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