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Forging Guide: Page Two

  Page 1.......... Forging Overview
  Page 2.......... The Glyphs
  Page 3.......... The Grinder
  Page 4.......... The Forge
  Page 5.......... The Polisher
    The Vise

The Glyphs
The first interaction a character performs within a forging workshop is with a "glyph". Glyphs exist for each part of each weapon that may be forged. Glyphs are either purchasable in the supply shops outside each set of public workshops or, in the case of forging-hammer glyphs, permanently affixed to the workbench in each workshop and are free of charge. Each glyph is designed to support the advancement of a character's forging or crafting skill through a 110 point range of the skill's 0 - 500 range.

Glyphs serve as a pattern in that the character chooses which part of which weapon they will be fashioning by selecting a specific glyph. In order to use a glyph, a character must be wearing a crafting apron (We wouldn't want to burn or dirty our clothing, would we?), and must be holding enough of the appropriate material in his or her left hand to create the weapon part. Once a player has done this, they may trigger a glyph by using the STARE <glyph> verb.

Some glyphs require higher levels of skill, and the character will not be able to use them until he or she has developed his or her skill to an appropriate level. Additionally, some weapon materials are too powerful for lower level chararacters to hold. (The rule is that a character may only hold an item with an enchantment value of no more than two times his or her level.)

Glyphs may be temporary or permanent. Temporary Glyphs will crumble once they have been used up.


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