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Fletching Guide
Needed Materials

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  • Shafts can be obtained by cutting up certain woods, polearms, or bones from creatures. They are the essential for fletching.
  • Known items: Halberds, lances, logs from kobold mines and Uxbri's tents, quarter staves, bone golem, etc.
  • Estimated cost: 0 - 200 silvers (dependent on item)

Handaxe based OHE

  • Majority of the handaxe based OHE's can be used to cut up wood for shafts.
  • Known items: Handaxe, waraxe, balta, broad axe, crescent axe, francisca, hatchet, meat cleaver, miner's axe, moon axe, sparte, taper, toporok
  • Estimated cost: 135 silvers for a handaxe located at Tykel's Arms in the Landing

Fletching glue

  • Glue is used to hold the fletchings onto the shaft.
  • Platinum - Glue can be obtained in the marquee located at front of Ta'Illistim's gate. Also at Ta'Vaalor's fletching shop.
  • Prime - Glue can be obtained at the wagon located east of the dinghy outside North Gate at the Landing. Also at Ta'Vaalor's fletching shop.
  • Estimated cost: 50 silvers

Dagger based OHE

  • Daggers based OHE's are used to whittle the shafts into shape.
  • Known items: bodkin, dagger, butcher knife, cinquedea, dirk, misericord, parazonium, pavade, poignard, pavade, pugio, scramasax, stiletto
  • Estimated cost: 6 silvers for a dagger located at Tykel's Arms in the Landing

A crossbow or bow

  • Depending on whether you're making arrows or bolts, you need one the weapon for it to measure the shafts against.
  • Check your local archery shop.
  • Estimated cost: 60 - 1250 silvers


  • Fletchings can be purchased in the same locations mentioned in the "Fletching glue" section.
  • Fletchings can also be obtained from the wilds! This will be explained further into the guide at the FLETCHING FAQ section.
  • Estimated cost: 0 - 25 silvers


Nature not good enough for ya? Well, there's a bunch of ways to spice up your arrows. You do not need these items, but they're nice.

  • Paintsticks - They can be used to make crests or bands on your arrows and are obtained in same place the other stuff are.
  • Paint - You can dye your arrow into one color with this stuff. Same location as the glue, and others too.
  • Razor - These are used to cut feathers you find in the wilds into fletchings. Located same as the other stuff. Check the Fletching FAQ section for more info.
  • Estimated cost: 200 silvers for each

So you've got all your stuff? Great! Onward we go...




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