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Fletching Guide
Fletching FAQ

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1. I see people with nifty fletchings I can't find or purchase at the shops. Where can I get me some of 'em?

You can get your very own fletchings from the wilds. All you need is a fletching razor and the ability to kill everything in sight. After you kill the creature, you skin it. If the creature's skin can be fletched, you CUT WITH MY RAZOR.

2. Neat. So what are the creatures available for me to fletch from?

Currently, cockatrice, snowy cockatrice, plumed cockatrice, blood eagles, black-winged daggerbeaks, colossus vultures, dreadnought raptors, storm griffins, and the raven feather from the Ravenswood neighborhood.

3. Um, why aren't my arrows bundling?

You can only bundle identical items and since there's a lot of variables in fletching, that's the reason. It could be one of the many factors such as using different material, breakage, description, or quality.

4. How come I can fail on some steps and some not?

There are 4 "checkpoints" for arrows (3 for bolts) where there's a chance of you either gaining a rank, failing, or progressing onto the next step. Only the latter two are mutually exclusive, BTW.

5. Rank? What's a rank?

You gain a rank everytime you see the "That was a little easier. Perhaps you are growing more skillful?" messaging.

6. How many ranks are there in total?

500 ranks to master fletching. However, it is possible to gain ranks a little bit faster or slower depending on your intelligence stat.

7. Is there anyway I can find out how many ranks I have?

Yes, the in-game command ARTISAN SKILLS now gives you the exact number of ranks you have achieved with that character.

8. I noticed there's different messaging on the last step. What's up with that?

This is one of the methods to help you keep track of how many ranks you have if you didn't count at the beginning or have no idea of how many you have. It shows you the quality of what your arrows are.

9. Do you have the list of the qualities?

Why, yes! I do, heh. Not necessarily in this order since it's a guess so far... barely serviceable, crude, rough, average, decent, very serviceable, relatively sharp, extremely sharp and perfect.

10. So what's the benefit of fletching your own arrows?

Self gratification? Heh, just kidding. At nearing master, your arrows should gain a natural bonus of +5. Also the breakage on it should be better than store sold arrows.

11. I SUCK! Help Me Please!

You'll get decent at about 250 ranks, don't worry about it. Everyone stinks at the beginning.

12. Why don't my fletchings and crests/painting both show up?

The cresting overwrites the fletching or else you'd have an arrow two lines long. What an eyesore.

13. Are cutting the shaft and whittling the point considered two different skills like forging with crafting and forging?

No, you master at the total of 500... regardless of which step you got a rank on.

14. I heard of another type of material I can for shafts. Is that correct?

Yes, you can get bone shafts from certain creatures in the game. Bone golems and skeletal giants are among few.

15. Can the +5 bonus from the arrows I made from fletching add up to be more than the +50 limit when I shoot it with an enchanted bow?

Nope. The limit is still set at +50 when you shoot it.

16. How do we know if we mastered?

To quote Taelrand, "You'll know when ya do."

17. Is it possible to make average arrows at a higher skill level?

Yep. There's a chance to make an average one, no matter your skill level, until you pass a certain number of ranks. You'll either make an average one, or one that represents your skill level. And that stops after you reach a certain point too.

Got more questions? E-mail me at and I'll put up your question along with the answer. Chances are if you asked it, everyone else is wondering too.




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