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Weapon Guide
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One-handed Edged Weapons  

required: edged weapons skill

Backsword Katar
Bastard Sword Longsword
Broadsword Main Gauche
Dagger Rapier
Estoc Scimitar
Falchion Short Sword
Handaxe Whip-blade
One-handed Blunt Weapons

required: blunt weapons skill

Ball and Chain Mace
Crowbill Morning Star
Cudgel War Hammer
Leather Whip  

required: polearms skill

Awl-Pike Lance
Halberd Pilum
Hammer of Kai Spear
Jeddart-Axe Trident
Two-handed Weapons

required: two-handed weapons skill

Bastard Sword Maul
Battle Axe Military Pick
Claidhmore Quarter Staff
Flail Two Handed Sword
Flamberge War Mattock
Missile Weapons

required: ranged weapons skill

Composite Bow Long Bow
Heavy Crossbow Short Bow
Light Crossbow  
Arrow Light Cross Bolt
Heavy Cross Bolt  
Brawling Weapons

required: brawling skill

The Closed Fist Katar
Blackjack Knuckle-blade
Cestus Knuckle-duster
Fist-scythe Razorpaw
Hook-knife Tiger-claw
Jackblade Troll-claw
Paingrip Yierka-spur
Thrown Weapons

required: thrown weapons skill

Bola Throwing Net
Dart Quoit


Rune Staves

required: special



Weapon Attributes:

Other names: There are many hundreds of weapons in Elanthia, however they are all based on a several dozen primary weapon categories. Here we will list other weapon names which use the listed set of statistics.
Damage type: There are four primary types of damage which weapons can deal: puncture, crushing, slashing and grappling. Some damage types are more likely to cause greater amounts of damage than others. For instance, crushing is much more damaging than piercing.
Base DU/ST: DU/ST stands for Durability and Strength. These numbers are useful when trying to determine how susceptible a weapon is to item degradation and breakage.
Base Speed: A weapon's base speed is a factor in determining the roundtime of attacking with a particular weapon. Other factors that may affect roundtime include bonuses from dexterity and agility and penalties from encumbrance. Spells may also be a factor.
Attack vs Defense:

Attack vs Defense (more commonly referenced as AvD) can be described as the effectiveness that a particular weapon has against a particular type of armor. Some weapons are more effective than others against some types of armor, and their AvD is correspondingly higher. For instance, an axe is more effective against heavier armors than a rapier. Likewise, all weapons react differently to different amounts of armor.

The AvD value is added to the attack roll in order to determine the success of an attack. The total value of the roll, along with all bonuses, must equal or exceed 100 in order to hit.

Brauden swings a closed fist at a giant rat!
AS: +0 vs DS: +3 with AvD: +25 + d100 roll: +56 = +78
A clean miss.
Brauden picks up a rapier.
Brauden thrusts with a rapier at a giant rat!
AS: +0 vs DS: +3 with AvD: +45 + d100 roll: +73 = +115
... and hits for 3 points of damage!
Strikes a fingernail.0
Bet it'll lose it now.


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