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Rune Staves

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Other names: crook, crosier, pastoral staff, rune staff, scepter, staff

Unlike most weapon types, a rune staff is utilized more for defense than for offense. A character of the spell casting professions may use this type of weapon. Held in the right hand, skill with a rune staff is based on the wielder’s overall magical knowledge. This arcane knowledge effectively translates into a rune staff “weapon” skill for purposes of parrying incoming attacks. Additionally, these wooden rune staves are capable of parrying magical bolt spells and missile weapons, whereas most other weapons cannot. When parrying these ranged attacks, rune staves provide half their normal parrying bonus.

In order to benefit defensively using a rune staff, it is best to have at least eight magical ranks per level. A magical rank can be in any magical skill in the Character Manager, and each skill, regardless of cost, is weighted equally. Eight magical ranks per level is equivalent to 1x training in two-handed weapons and provides defenses as if the user had 10 additional parry ranks. Each additional magical rank per level will increase the caster's effective weapon ranks. To be proficient with a runestaff, it is expected that a typical caster will have 10.5 to 11 magical ranks per level.

Magical skills:

Arcane Symbols Mental Mana Control
Elemental Lores Sorcerous Lores
Elemental Mana Control Spell Aiming
Harness Power Spell Research
Magic Item Use Spiritual Lores
Mental Lores Spiritual Mana Control

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