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Weapon and Armor Enhancements

Spell Enhancements
Merchant Enhancements
Drake and Feras Weapons

Spell Enhancements

Adventurers have the ability to enhance their own weapons and armor in the variety of ways. Those who have the abilities often offer their services to others: sometimes for free, sometimes for a fee.
Minor Elemental Edging

Wizard Base Spell Circle
Provides a temporary +15 to a weapon's offensive bonus.

Holy Blade

Cleric Base Spell Circle
Temporarily allows the weapon the ability to be used against the undead, who are otherwise immune to attacks.

Elemental Blade

Minor Elemental Spell Circle
Adds a temporary +20 bonus to a weapon's offensive bonus. In addition it provides the temporary ability for the weapon to create elemental flares.

Enchant Item

Wizard Base Spell Circle
Adds a permanent +5 to either a weapon or armor's offensive or defensive bonus.

Merchant Enhancements

Special GM-run merchants are able to offer the same services that players do. In addition they have access to a number of special services. Other enhancements are available within the shops you may find in any major town. For information on when a merchant may be visiting your town, check the event calendar regularly.

Critical Weighting (Weapons)

When a weapon hits a target there is a chance that a critical damage may be inflicted. Criticals or "crits", as they are commonly called, have the potential to cause injuries, from minor bruises to immediate death.

Crit weighting modifies a weapon so that it is more likely to do a more serious critical hit.

Damage Weighting (Weapons) Damage weighting is similar to crit weighting. However, instead of making it more likely to do a deal a more serious critical, it increases the damage dealt on any hit.

Elemental Flares (Weapons)



The power of the elements is strong in Elanthia. By natural and sometimes magical means, the power of the elements is often imbued into specific metals or weapons. The spontaneous and explosive release of this power is called a "flare".

Elemental flares exist naturally in several weapon materials (Drakar, Gornar, Rhimar, and Zorchar) but some specially skilled merchants are also able to magically add the power of elementals to many weapons.

Unfortunately, as elemental power is so strong, it is very difficult to do. Some magical and specially-powered weapons are far too complicated to be enhanced with the power of elementals.

There are eight types of elementals:

heat cold
electrical vibration
acid steam
plasma vacuum

However, steam, plasma and vacuum flares are generally pretty rare. As very few craftsmen have the ability to use these elements, these flares are generally only found in very ancient and special weapons.

Enchanting (Weapons
and Armor)

Merchants, as well as players who can cast Enchant Item, may enchant most weapons and armor.

Enchanting adds a 'plus', usually in increments of +5 to the item. For weapons, this bonus is added to their offensive bonus. For armors, this bonus is added to their defensive bonus.

(Weapons and
Lightening reduces an items encumbrance. Be warned that when weapons and armor are lightened, they often become more fragile and their ST/DU numbers are reduced.
Padding increases an armor's ability to effectively reduce damage dealt to the wearer.
Permablessing (Weapons) A permablessed weapon is blessed (as with Holy Blade) permanently. These weapons are extremely rare. Merchants never offer permabless as a service, however, a couple of these are sold at special festivals or auctions every year.
Sanctified weapons are permablessed in the hands of a cleric. They can be purchased in shops in towns.
(Weapons and
Strengthening increases the strength (ST) bonus of a weapons and armor so that they are less likely to break or degrade.

Drake and Feras Weapons
Drake Weapons
An oddity among weapons in general, drake weapons are aptly named so for their unusual ability to release elemental fire randomly when striking an opponent. Drake weapons come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from daggers to longswords to mattocks and spears and everything in between. Most all are crafted of plain steel, which makes them so unusual. Each must undergo a process when the weapon is still but a lump of heated metal in a forge.

This process, which takes a bit of effort to do, is quite easy to explain. A mage is present when the weapon is crafted, and will constantly infuse elemental energy into the slowly-forming metal. This is much akin to the spell Elemental Blade, only it is a permanent infusing of the element, minus the bonus to the wielder's strikes. With careful precision, the weapon will retain the elemental fire the mage channels into it forever unless it is destroyed. Various intelligent creatures will often carry these weapons, as they require no special materials and a very basic knowledge of magic to forge them.

Feras Weapons
Named so after the mage who invented the process, Ulithian Feras, feras weapons can be extremely devastating when freshly made. They, like their drake counterparts, are mostly plain steel weapons imbued with a specific element, though feras contains the element of lightning, a very strong and unpredictable magical force.

The process involves several sessions with a mage who is knowledgeable in the ways of lightning, as a continuous channeling would cause the weapon to break under the extreme energies. Because of the intense power of this magical undertaking, any weapon which is forged using the feras technique will be quite deadly upon first coming out of smith's hands, as its energy will be very high. It will release this energy everytime a foe is hit, unlike drake weapons and other naturally magical metals, though this power will drain over time as it is used and not regenerate naturally.

The power inside a feras weapon is so deeply bound into its form that when all of its energy is drained, the weapon shall shatter, unable to exist without the magical force that kept it whole. Because of this, weapons made under the feras technique are not useful for long-term use, but are perfect for a surprise attack on a foe or for an invading force of creatures, who are known to carry these types of weapons on occasion.



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