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for 03/05/2024

Weapons & Armor

Weapon Guide

Weapon Guide
by Lord Guillaume d'Clans

The weapons of Elanthia are as diverse as its inhabitants. Therefore, one should have a good understanding of the various weapons and their effects in order to fully grasp one's true capability in assailing or defending against thy opponents. The following information has been derived from extensive experiences and observations of individual weapons and their interactions among the denizens of Elanthia. It is compiled herein for easy reference and illumination of the ignorant among us.

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Armor Guide

Armor Guide
by Lady Amerlise Vinsaile

Armor comes in a myriad of varieties. What to choose? For several professions, the choice is an easy one. Warriors traditionally wear the heaviest armor they can get away with and still swing a weapon. Pure spellcasters tend towards the lighter armors, or none at all, relying on their magics to safeguard them. For those in between, the rangers, bards and magical rogues, mostly, the choices are sometimes more daunting. Sacrifice greater mobility for the sturdier chain armors? Compromise your physical protection, to nurture your innate spell casting abilities? As with most parts of Elanthia, the choices and consequences are yours to make and take.

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Weapon and Armor Materials
by Lord Drendale Vekrathin and Lord Selkar Stonegrotto

Weapons and armor are crafted from a myriad of different materials. Swords, for example, crafted from different materials can span the spectrum of usefulness and value. Some materials may have the ability to be unaffected by magic, while others may harness the destructive power of the elements. From ordinary metals like iron, to extremely rare substances with stunningly useful properties like vaalorn, the guide which follows details several types of materials and describes properties associated with each.

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Weapon and Armor Enhancements
by Lord Grindoll Hevucita

Arcane spells from wizened Wizards, a sanctifying prayer from a devout Cleric, or a clever tweak from a traveling merchant can greatly alter the performance of your weapons or armor. Padding your armor or weighting, or lightening your weapons may come as a service from the more mundane craftsmen, while those with studies in the arcane or holy arts may imbed wondrous abilities into your items. Sometimes the difference between a decent blade and a finely crafted one is your own survival.

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