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Stick a Cork in It!

The professional guilds for pure magic users provide access to the Alchemy skill. As a member of the Wizard, Empath, Cleric, or Sorcerer guilds, you can learn a variety of recipes--some rare, others mundane--as you progress from a simple neophyte toward crafting powerful arcana with multifarious capabilities.

Adventurers of the cleric, empath, sorcerer, and wizard professions are encouraged to seek out their respective guild masters to join the guild early in their training. The process toward mastering alchemy is a lengthy one. Alchemy allows even its early users to create a variety of beneficial potions, wands, amulets, and similar items. This is accomplished by mixing reagents and applying various magical processes.

Alchemy consists of three separate areas of focus, each represented by one of three guild skills:

The General Alchemy Skill

Capability in general alchemy is required to advance further in the two accompanying disciplines. General Alchemy forms a foundation for one's understanding of Alchemy as a whole. Training in this aspect focuses primarily on the processes of the art, teaching only a basic set of common recipes. One's rank in General Alchemy must always meet or exceed the rank being trained in either the Potions or Trinkets skills.

The Potions Skill

The ability to brew tinctures and consumable potions can be developed through study of the Potions Skill. Tinctures, oils, and other creations of the Potions skill are generally at least partially liquid in nature, and many can be drunk to activate their effects.

The Trinkets Skill

Crafting of wands, charms, and other magical paraphernalia falls under the auspices of the Trinkets skill. At the peak of a caster's trinket-crafting career, he or she can craft special profession-specific trinkets that grant their bearer powerful skills like the ability to break sanctuaries, or amulets of invisibility.

Getting Started

Training Administrators overseeing training of guild skills within each guild hall handle the assignment and completion of training tasks. Ask any administrator about training to get started.

Necessary equipment and some basic ingredients should be available for purchase in the alchemy supply shops, located in the guild halls. These include cauldrons, mortar and pestle sets, recipe books and some basic solutions required by most recipes. Your cauldrons, mortars, and pestles can all generally be customized by merchants, making your alchemy set a personal treasure.

Each guild hall should also provide access to a set of workshops containing less often-used equipment that is occasionally required for more complex solutions.

At any time, you may use the ALCHEMY verb to learn more about the system. Bubbling brews and shimmering potions await!

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