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Adventurers Guild of Elanthia

"Good Pay, Flexible Hours, Orphans Preferred!"

Travelers seeking new challenges, riches, and danger need look no farther than the nearest Adventurers Guild.

  • Wehnimer's Landing: North Ring Road
  • Teras Isle: Glaes Street
  • Solhaven: Latirus Lane
  • River's Rest: Sandy Path
  • Icemule Trace: East Road
  • Ta'Illistim: Fraendel Var
  • Ta'Vaalor: Glimaerstone Var
  • Zul Logoth: Ruby Tunnel

Those seeking employment at the guild must find the Taskmaster and ASK them about bounties.

Hint: If you would like to have more or less challenge to your assignments ask the taskmaster for HARDER or EASIER tasks before you ask about bounties. If you do not wish to complete the task you have been given simply ask the Taskmaster about REMOVAL. You can request another task, in the usual way, after a bit of waiting time.

For your assignment, the Taskmaster will tell you which townsperson needs assistance and send you to speak with that person to learn the details. The town guard might ask you to find a lost child, locate a stolen heirloom, escort a traveler safely to their destination or help reduce the population of dangerous creatures. The herbalist generally needs fresh herbs, the furrier wishes pelts, and the gemshop needs stones to fulfill orders.

Hint: Often you must carry out your assignment in a specific area. Good maps and the LOCATION command will be helpful.

Complete your task and return to the townsperson who gave you the assignment. Once you have satisfied them of your success you can return to the guild Taskmaster to claim your reward.

In addition to the experience garnered from your assignments, the Adventurers Guild's clients pay the guild well for success. This success is shared with guild members. Each completed task will reward you with silvers and Bounty Points and move you closer to obtaining valuable items, more powerfully enhancive guild badges, and more impressive titles.

To check your point progress use BOUNTY.

To find out which items you have qualified for find the Treasure Master in the guild and ORDER. Current items include crystal amulets, floating disk crystals, treasure chests in all levels, random magical items, recharge of enhancive items, increased skill migration potions and stat reallocation potions.

To discover which badge you earned ask the Treasure Master about BADGES.

To view the titles you have been awarded use TITLE LIST BOUNTY.

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