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Latest News

Rumor Woods 2022 - Shop List - GS4-THANDIWE on 05/29/2022

Shop List for Rumor Woods 2022

Of special note, In the Loop, The Spellsmith, and Tourney Tents are on their final run.

For more Shop related information visit: Announcement 11

Woodn't Yew Presents... - Webstaff on 05/28/2022

Coming Soon to a Rumor Woods Near you!

For more details visit:  Rumor Woods Announcement 10


Rumor Woods 2022 – Rare Mounts & Their Unique Abilities

For more details visit: Rumor Woods Announcement 9


Surrounded by heaps of colorful linen, muslin, and cotton, the merchant turns in place, eyeing each trunk as if mentally cataloging her inventory. One trunk of aseges, layered and adorned with charms and beading, one trunk of erasay, short-sleeved and sleeveless, and one trunk of duaidz, some with slashed legs and others without. 

To read more, visit:


Rumor Woods - Mounts Announced - 


Join us on the 10th of Lumnea for the Annual Grand Tournament at Rumor Woods.

New Event End Time for Rings of Lumnis - GS4-THANDIWE on 04/30/2022

Simucoin Store Closes at 11:59 PM EDT today, April 30, 2022
Rings of Lumnis will officially close at 11:59 PM EDT tomorrow, May 1, 2022

Rumor Woods, Weddings, and You - GS4-THANDIWE on 04/24/2022

Due to popular demand, we’ve decided to release Wedding Packages at Rumor Woods.

Book Sales will end at 11:55PM EDT on February 28th.
Creating Adventure - January 2022 - SIMU-WYROM on 01/30/2022

Key GoldAnother year in the books! We hit some amazing milestones in 2021.  Be sure to check out the latest Creating Adventure article that recaps 2021 and goes into some plans for 2022.  Spotlight on Staff is also back, featuring GameMaster Tivvy!  We're trying a new format, let us know how we're doing on the official Discord server!

Item Loss Updates! - SIMU-WYROM on 07/30/2019

AxeWe have released a new item loss system that will work in conjunction with currently existing item loss systems (Disarm Weapon maneuvers, Itchy Curse, hard-skinned creatures, hurling, etc). Previously, items that were involved in these systems would wind up laying on the ground, where they were at risk for being swept up by the "janitor" and lost or being taken by other players. We have instead transitioned to a new system where items will no longer wind up on the ground and will instead be disarmed/cursed/etc "into the shadows" (or equivalent).

Return to Black Swan Castle! - SIMU-WYROM on 03/01/2013

Scroll SmearedRumors of dangerous booby traps inside the Castle abound.  Can you get by them and discover the source of the trouble?  Do you have the brains, guts, and heart to Return to Black Swan Castle?

A Night at the Academy! - Webstaff on 01/26/2012

Gem OrangeExplore a slice of Elanthia's past, sharpen your weapon skills against hordes of undead, and walk away with untold treasure!  It's an adventure that'll tickle your scholarly fancy and line your pockets with silvers.  Check out the details for more information!

Resist Nature (620) on Heavy Armors - SIMU-WYROM on 08/06/2018

PotionIt is now possible for Resist Nature (620) to work on heavy armors (chain and plate), but it requires a new special potion. The herbalist who crafts the other potions will craft the new potion if you bring them a luminescent indigo mushroom, which can be found randomly on high luck rolls when foraging for other items. It is a rare and limited drop. The luminescent indigo mushroom potion must then be poured onto the armor before the other normal potion is applied. When Resist Nature is applied to heavy armors, it is done so at half of the normal effectiveness.

New Treasure: Collectibles! - SIMU-WYROM on 07/03/2018

ChestCreatures will now drop a new type of treasure! This treasure is exclusive to treasure chests and can be sold at the pawnshop like any other treasure. However, they may also be collected and redeemed for special rewards at the new collectibles shops located in each town. The collectibles shops will also store these collectible items for you, so you don't have to use up valuable inventory and/or locker space while working towards completing a set.

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