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Character Restoral Policy

You may wish to also see our Restoral FAQ.

  1. Criteria
    Characters restored must have been permanently rerolled or killed. If your character was lost due to data corruption (such as a game crash or hard drive failure on our part) then this form is NOT for you and you should see our data corruption restoral page instead.
  2. Lockouts and Billing Closures
    Characters which are locked out or forfeited for either billing or in game reasons are not eligible.
  3. Transferred Characters
    Characters which have been transferred to another player's account are considered under the control of the receiving account, and are not eligible for consideration from prior accounts.
  4. Cost
    The cost is $250, which must be collected prior to the release of the character. If the fee is disputed through their credit card company, the character is forfeited and the account closed.
  5. What is Restored
    Restorations will include character, items, lockers, money (on person, notes, and in bank).
  6. Warnings and Lockouts
    All warnings/lockouts etc. will remain on the character -- subject to the same timing effect as if the character simply had not been played in the intervening time.
  7. Timeframe
    Earliest date of eligible restorations is 3/6/2000. No earlier restorations can be done due to a change in backup equipment/software as of 3/5/2000.
  8. Disclaimer
    Despite our best intentions, it is possible that we will be unable to restore the character, or the inventory, for which you are looking.

Expanded Paid Restoral Rules
Effective 8/1/2006

Starting on August 1, 2006, we will be expanding the coverage of our Paid Restoral Process to include characters that have converted professions. This means that any Paldins (or Savants or Monks when they are released) which converted from a Warrior or Cleric will be permitted to use the Paid Restoral Process to restore their character back to their original profession for the cost of 250 dollars. The following rules will apply:

  1. Characters that were converted after this change in policy will be given 30 days in which to request that they be reverted to their prior profession. Any request to revert the character received after 30 days will not be approved.
  2. Characters that were converted prior to this announcement, but were upon a closed account at the time of this announcement, will be granted 30 days from the date of reactivation to request that the character be reverted to its prior profession. Any request received after this time has expired will not be approved.

Characters requested to be reverted using this policy will be restored in the following manner:

  1. The level and experience of the character will remain the same as the day they converted to their new profession. This means that any level and experience gains the character has made from the date they converted until the date they are restored will be nullified.
  2. All inventory, locker and bank balances on the restored character will be removed and the current character's inventory, locker and bank balances will be transferred to the restored character.
  3. All skills (Artisan or Guild, where applicable), house affiliations and society settings will be transferred to the restored character. Any experience gained from the artisan guild skill advancement will be added to the restored character.
  4. Reverted characters will be provided 7 days skill migration grace time, one FIXSKILL attempt and 2 days stat adjustment grace time at the time of restoral.

Providing of stat adjustment grace time is subject to review by the Restoral Department and may not apply in all cases.

We understand that customers may make mistakes with their characters at given times. This expansion in policy is to provide those customers who regrettably converted their character the ability to revert that choice. Any questions regarding this expansion of policy should be directed to


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