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MIME Instructions for Macintosh Internet Explorer Users

Before playing using the Wizard Front End for Macintosh, you will need to manually set some MIME information using the following steps:

First, select PREFERENCES under your EDIT menu. Choose "File Helpers" (located under "Receiving Files"). You should see a dialog box with a list of programs. Select the ADD button (or select the Simutronics Web Wizard Helper and choose EDIT, if you have previously set a MIME type). This will bring up a box titled "Edit File Helper".

In the Edit File Helper box type the following:

1. In the "Description" field, type Simutronics Auto-Launcher

2. In the Extension field, type .sal

3. In the MIME type file, type application/x-simutronics-auto-launch

Click on the "Browse" button under "File Type", then search for your copy of the Wizard. You should see a dialog box similar to the one below:

Dialog Box

Click OPEN, which will return you to the "Edit File Helper" box. Select PLAY as the File type and enter wZsC as the File Creator (if it is not already entered). Encoding should be set to Plain Text. Select "Browse" under the Handling menu and once again find your copy of the Wizard Front End. Choose "View with Application" or "Use a Helper Application" from the Handling menu.

When you've finished, you should see a box that looks like the one shown below:
(Please note: There is a slight error in the following image - set encoding to Text, not Binary as shown below.)

Configure FIle Type

Click OK to leave the File Helper and the Preferences box, quit your browser application and reboot it, and you'll be set up to run the Macintosh Wizard Front End!

Simutronics Corporation

Go Play!