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Customer Service >> Report Bug/Typo

I'd like to report a TYPO in the game....

The best way to get a typo fixed in the game is to use the TYPO command. There are GameMasters assigned to reviewing and fixing typos, and this command helps them get their job done. If the typo is with a room description or an item in a room, make sure you're in the room where you see the typo!

I'd like to report a BUG in the game....

Like typos, the best way to get a bug fixed in the game is to use the command created for reporting them -- in this case, the BUG command.

If the bug in question has something to do with your character or your character's inventory, then you will want to use ASSIST and have a GameHost or GameMaster look into the problem.

Please note that Simutronics has a strict policy against bug abuse. If you find a bug that could potentially disrupt game balance, please do us a favor and either BUG it or, if you think the problem warrants immediate intervention, ASSIST to have it fixed!

I'd like to report a BUG/TYPO on this website!

For bugs or typos related to the web pages, go to the page or section where you had the problem, and scroll down near the bottom of the page (where the copyright information is). You should see a line that says "Comments about this page?"-- click on that, and you will be taken to a new window, where you can submit your bug or typo to the webstaff!

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