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Customer Service >> Suggestions

Hey, I've got a great idea! Where do I send it?

We love to hear suggestions from our players! Just send them along to Customer Service with as many details as you have. From there, we'll pass your suggestions along to the GameMaster that's in charge of that area of design, so he or she can look it over and see if we can use it. You probably won't hear back from the GameMaster, but that doesn't mean we didn't like your suggestion, or that we won't use it. We'd rather spend time implementing suggestions than writing players thanking them for them, and we think our players feel the same way.

I have a cool suggestion! Can I design it for the game?

Unfortunately, only GameMasters can implement suggestions and ideas. However, we encourage you to send them along!

I sent you a suggestion, and you never used it!

Not all suggestions that we get can be used. Some aren't feasible for our system, others need to wait for a while, and some just aren't possible at this time. So if your suggestion isn't used, it doesn't mean we didn't like it, or that it wasn't good. It just might need to wait a bit.

Will I be compensated for my suggestion?

Unfortunately, with all the suggestions that we get, we cannot compensate you if your suggestion is used. However, just seeing your idea in action is a kind of compensation in and of itself.

How come only GameMasters can put my suggestions in the game?

Only GameMasters have the tools and know-how to make things for the game and make certain they work correctly, since they've been specially trained to do so. We cannot make these tools available to everyone, since they're proprietary information, so instead we ask that you send your suggestions to us and let us do the building.

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