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Customer Service >> Item Questions/Replacement Requests

I lost my item! Can I get it back? How?

There are only certain circumstances where we can replace items. Check the rules of conduct for the most current information about what situations we will replace items under.

What does my item do?

We can't tell you what properties an item of yours may have. Part of the challenge of the game is in figuring out the little puzzles, such as what your unique weapon can actually do. Practically all of our games have some way of figuring out what an item "does", though -- from the APPRAISE skill in DragonRealms to the Bardic LORESING ability in GemStone IV.

My item seems to be broken/doesn't work right. How can I get it fixed?

If you think your item isn't working right, you need to first call a GameMaster in the game. We don't have any way to look at it from Customer Service, let alone fix it, but a GM does. Just type ASSIST for information on how to get one to come help you.

Where can I get a particular item?

You might ask around of other characters on the message boards or in the game. There are many items out there, and older players might have a better idea of where to find them. Some things may not be readily available, and so you might have to get them from a special travelling merchant.

When is a merchant coming?

Some merchants may be mentioned in the events calendar, but many of them appear completely unannounced! However, we can't give any hints or clues, either in the game or via Customer Service, when one might be around. Your best bet is just to keep alert in the game, since merchants might appear at any time.

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