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GemStone IV Buddy Program: Rules

Details, Details, Details
Win free service just by inviting your friends and family to share in your incredible GemStone IV adventures! Here's how it works:

1. Invite your friends to try out GemStone IV by filling out the email form provided. You have the option of simply sending out our letter or adding your own personal message.

2. When your friends sign up, they will be asked to provide your account name as the member who referred them.

3. Once your friends are successfully billed for two months of service, you are immediately credited the current promotional amount.

4. The more friends you refer the more credits you'll earn.

How can I keep track of my points?
Simply log into the web site at GemStone IV, click Billing, then "View Your Account Information." From here, follow the links to display all the buddies you have signed up and the number of points you have accumulated.
Please Note
Simutronics strictly enforces a no-tolerance policy to spam or customer abuse of this promotional program. Spam is defined as e-mail sent unsolicited to people that you don't know. Players who are reported as spammers and/or attempt to abuse the program through signing up with false accounts risk losing their GemStone IV membership.

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