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Simutronics Volunteer Web Monitor Application
Last updated: August 22, 2001

Date Submitted:

Is This an Updated Application to a Previously Submitted One? Yes/No ____



Social Security Number:

Mailing Address:

City, State, Zip:

Day Telephone Number: 
Evening Telephone Number 
Data Telephone Number: 
Fax Telephone Number (optional):

Primary Email Address: 
AOL IM or AIM address (if any): 
ICQ address (if any):


Account Name & Characters Played:
(If you have multiple accounts, please list all account names and the character(s) you regularly play on those accounts) EXAMPLE: DragonRealms: Bober Tental, Joexu Ditot

Account name(s): 

Simutronics Games Played, and the character names in them: 
DragonRealms - GemStone IV - Modus Operandi - CyberStrike - Hercules & Xena: Alliance of Heroes


If you have more than one character, which one do you see as your "main" character? (It's okay to list more than one). Please list the game your play it in, along with the character's full name, profession, and level.

How long have you been playing Simutronics games?

IMPORTANT: Have you had any delinquent accounts or other billing problems in Simutronics products within the last 6-12 months? Yes/No ____
If yes, please explain the circumstances:

IMPORTANT: Have you had any warnings, lockouts, or other policy violation problems within the last 6-12 months? Yes/No ____
If yes, please explain the circumstances:

Years experience in:

Fantasy Roleplaying: ___ Programming: ___ Computers: ___ Telecommunications: ___ Customer Service: ___ Web Surfing ___ Web Design ____

Computer System(s) Owned: Modem Speeds:

Which ISP or online service do you use to connect to the Simutronics games?

Is the ISP or online service that you use in your own name, or do you use someone else's account?

Do you have any experience with playing a non-Simutronics multiplayer online game or do you currently play other multiplayer online games? Yes/No ____ If yes, which one(s):


Industry Experience

Do you now, or have you ever worked for another online service, internet/web community, or ISP? Yes/No ____ 
If yes, please explain:

Do you now or have you ever worked for another software or gaming company? Yes/No ____ 
If yes, please explain:

Do you now or have you ever worked for another multiplayer online game? Yes/No ____ 
If yes, please explain:

If the answer to any of the above four questions is yes:  Are you now or have you ever been under a contract or a non-competition agreement with them? Yes/No ___  
If yes, please explain:


Skills & Experience:

(Answer the following questions by rating your level of skill or experience as noted. Be honest. We don't expect everyone to be a jack-of-all-trades, but we use this information to help us fill our openings with people who best fill current needs.)

Programming Background:

1) Rate your level of general computer programming experience: ____

0. No programming experience 
1. A little bit (macro languages, for example) 
2. I've programmed some in my spare time 
3. I program quite a bit as a hobby or in school 
4. I can program at profesional levels 
5. A wiz! I'm language independent. Just show me a reference manual.

Customer Service Background:

2) Rate your level of customer service background: ___

0. No experience in customer service 
1. Not much experience, but have the personality to handle it well 
2. Some customer service experience 
3. Worked in a customer service department 
4. Pride myself on customer service abilities and background 
5. Have managed/supervised a Customer Service team


Quality Control Experience:

3) Rate your level of QC experience: ___

0. No experience in Quality Control 
1. Limited experience, but I understand the concepts 
2. I'm pretty good at spotting typos 
3. I've done data gathering or typo checking 
4. I'm an experienced data analyst 
5. I've managed/supervised a QC department or team

(If you answered 2 or higher, please identify any typographical errors in this application and identify there location below.) 



Game Playing Experience:

4) Rate your general level of gaming experience: ___

0. A Simutronics online game was my first foray into the world of fantasy gaming 
1. I've played a few tabletop Fantasy Roleplaying games before (AD&D, MERPS, etc) 
2. I was (or am) a steady FRPG player 
3. I've been a tabletop or online game player for a long time 
4. Not only do I play tabletop or online games, but I've worked on/designed/run them

5) Rate your level of GMing paper & pencil FRPGs: ___

0. Never played them 
1. I was involved in a highly structured campaign where GMing was not an option 
2. I've GMed now and again 
3. I've frequently swapped between being a GM and being a player 
4. I was consistently the GM


Web Design Experience

6) Rate your familiarity with web design: __

0. I have no idea how webpages are put together, but I know what I like when I see it. 
1. I've modified pages that friends have built for me to make them more attractive or usable. 
2. I've used some programs to build my own webpages. 
3. I've done quite a bit of webpage design at the hobbyist level. 
4. I'm a professional web designer. People pay me to make pages for them.

7) Rate your familiarity with web programming: __

0. I just use a program to build the webpages for me. 
1. I know some HTML 
2. I am extremely familiar with HTML 
3. I can write advanced HTML functions like forms and surveys from scratch 
4. I know some ASP or other advanced "active server" languages 
5. I've created or maintained some complex webpages 
6. I'm a web god(dess). Point me at a web server and I'll beat it into submission.

If you have created any webpages (even if they're not Simu- or game-related), please list the primary URLs here:


In a paragraph or two, describe your philosophy about what makes a good webpage: (Note: You may skip this question if you do not consider yourself a web designer yet.)


Schedule Information:

8) Rate the amount of free time you would have (on average) to devote to web monitoring: ___

0. Most of my time is taken up elsewhere, less than 2 hours a week. 
1. A few hours a week, somewhere between 3 and 5 hours 
2. Several hours a week: somewhere between 6 and 10 hours a week. 
3. A fair amount: Around 10-15 hours a week. 
4. Quite a bit: 15-25 hours a week. 
5. A very open schedule, able to put in whatever is required for the most part

9) Rate your ability to devote extra time for special needs: ___

0. Usually won't be able to spend any extra time 
1. On occasion I can spend an extra hour to help out 
2. I can devote a few extra hours on a special project 
3. I can put in extra hours to get a project done, most of the time 
4. I will be able to make whatever time is necessary whenever necessary

(Response 3 does include the possibility that you have obligations now and then that might have priority)

If needed for an online conference via IRC, ICQ, or in one of our games, at what times will you most frequently be available? (Please be sure to include your time zone, as well as days of the week.)


List any further details on the amount of time you would (or would not) be able to devote to web monitoring:


General Information:

Rate your aptitude in the following areas from 1 (low) to 5 (high):

10) Typing speed: ___

0. No idea, I just hunt and peck. 
1. Not sure, but I can touch type. 
2. 0-30 wpm 
3. 31-60 wpm 
4. 60+ wpm

11) Leadership traits, ability to plan and organize: ___

(Note, don't give yourself a 5 unless you can explain what Gantt charts are. Not all monitors have to be leaders so a low rating is fine)

12) How firmly do you feel about committing to being a web monitor? ___

13) How sure are you that you want to be a web monitor for the right reasons? ___

(A wrong reason would be to get a free account or be able to get alterations which you can sell to other people. A right reason would be to get involved with QC, community building and web design, and perhaps get your foot in the door for other opportunities. If you are not sure, just give yourself a 2 or 3)


Copy your ratings from the previous 16 questions below. This lets us easily enter them into our database.

1. ___ 8. ___ 
2. ___ 9. ___ 
3. ___ 10. ___ 
4. ___ 11. ___ 
5. ___ 12. ___ 
6. ___ 13. ___ 
7. ___



Answer each one as best you can. Since people vary in their abilities, don't worry if you have trouble with one of the questions below, and it's okay to say "I don't know." We don't expect you to be a "Renaissance Person."

Email Exercise: 
Please write a short sample Email that you would send to a webmaster you didn't know, if you were asking them to update the copyright/trademark information on their site because they had not yet done so.


Web Surfing Exercise: 
If you were going to check some search engines to see if a particular site was listed in them, where would you check?


If you were going to look for sites where you thought Simutronics should be listed (regardless of whether you knew ahead of time if Simutronics was already there), how would you go about this?



In the space below, please provide any additional comments and details you think would be useful to us. This is where you get to tell us about any skills, experience, or qualities you possess that may not have been covered in the application. We look at this section to pick up on any additional traits or talents that might improve your contribution to our staff.  In short, why do you feel you are the right person to be a Simutronics Web Monitor?




Please copy this entire application, fill in your answers, and then email your completed application to

Do not send this as an attached file or a webpage. Send it as an Email only. (Yes, this is a test.)

Again, thank you for your interest in being a Simutronics Web Monitor!


Simutronics Corporation

Go Play!