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The Fallen
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The King's Wedding
The King's Wedding is only for those couples who want their wedding to be the best of the best.

To make your dreams a reality, the King's Wedding Package includes NEW features, never before available for sale in a wedding package
Sail off together on your own completely custom-built cog-sized ship, or create permanent custom features (eyes, hair, etc.) for the happy couple! (Your choice between the two!)
Custom design your own 10-room wedding area, specifically for your wedding!
Permanent custom pretitles for both the bride and groom!
Custom food and drink, including up to 6 new food or drink flavors
As with the other Wedding Packages, the King's Wedding Package also includes:
A pair of bonded, customized wedding bands. These rings also allow you to take on your spouse's last name.
A custom-made wedding cake!
Up to three custom gifts for all your guests.
Flowers for the entire bridal party, with a tossable bouquet for the bride.
Plus, the number of traditional customized items has been expanded for the King's Wedding! The King's Wedding offers twenty customized items, of which:
  • Up to five can be scripted via EzAtmo, EzScript, or regularly available in game
    verbs (ie, feature-hiding cloaks, lockable containers)
  • Up to five can be jewelry
  • Up to five can be pocketed
Last but not least, a special Wedding Coordinator will be on hand during the ceremony, adding those special touches that only we can add!

You can purchase your King's Wedding via the Event Signup System, which allows you to charge the amount to your current billing method. For the current price, please check the event signup page. Don't forget that Premium members get a 10% discount! (Note: There is also an additional in-game fee of 250 platinum kronars.)

Important details about this Wedding Package:

  • Approximately six months of preparation time is required due to the time and resource intensive nature required to fully design and create your King's Wedding Package.
  • Standard wedding guidelines apply to all items created for the Wedding.
  • After a six-month grace period, all custom-created areas for King's Wedding Packages can be usable by other Wedding Package purchasers.
  • Only one person from the engaged couple has to sign up for a King's Wedding Package, but you can split the cost by using the Gift of Adventure!

We look forward to serving you!

To learn more, please contact us at or sign up for your own King's Wedding Package by clicking here!

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