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The following limitations apply. Other limits may apply at the GM's discretion -- the GM has the final say on whether an item is suitable for a wedding.

1. All clothing/jewelry will be made from scratch. We will not alter clothing you already have.

2. All clothing/jewelry will be new. No ancient, antique, timeworn, etc. items. If an item could conceivably have been artificially distressed (faded, worn, burnt, frayed), we will work with you on its description.

3. No items which are bloodstained or otherwise gore-spattered.

4. All clothing must be outerwear (no undies, lingerie, nightgowns, etc.) and suitable for a "PG-13" environment (nothing transparent).

5. No items of a specifically sexual purpose, such as bondage paraphernalia.

6. No armor, weapons, or non-functioning items which are made to resemble armor or weapons.

7. Sheaths, dagger sheaths, quivers, and scabbards are permitted, and will have dimensions identical to those purchased at Berolt's Dry Goods in the Crossing.

8. No alterations to your actual character's features (i.e. beards, tattoos, etc.).

9. All items must be "in character" (IC) for a mythical/medieval setting (No miniskirts, high heels, thigh-high stockings, belly rings, etc.).

10. All materials used in the creation of clothing/jewelry (i.e. skins, gems, metal, gems, floral etc.) must be commonly found within DragonRealms. Rare items will only be used if you can supply us with the object in question. A rare materials list is available upon request from

11. NO magical or magically sounding/appearing items (no glowing, luminescent or arcane items)

12. No use of cambrinth, runestones, soulstones, dreamstones, or other magical stones or devices. No runes or sigils. "Symbols" are fine.

13. No custom "verbs" on clothing/jewelry. Wedding bands do come with special verbs and bond to the wearer.

14. Verbed items: If the verbed item you are requesting is always available in a store in-game, we will consider it. Spectacles and feature-hiding cloaks, for example, are allowed. Spider cloaks and snake charms are not, as they are not always available in a store. Verbless versions of items in the game which always come with verbs, such as bandoleers, winged boots, or moneybelts are not permitted.

15. Pocketed garters will only hold one light edged blade. No gems, lockpicks, etc.

17. No sentient body parts will be allowed. No helms made from Halfling skulls, etc.

18. No "clan" crests. "Family" crests are fine.

19. Up to 15 letters in quotes are permitted on the TAP of a clothing item, provided that item is large enough that one could realistically see those letters from across the room. Initials in quotes are permitted on the TAP of jewelry. Example 1: a blue foraging apron with "Herbs for Sale!" embroidered on the hem. Example 2: a platinum brooch etched with the initials "T.M."



We will create twenty (20) items of clothing/jewelry.

- Four (4) may have pockets. The pockets will be reasonably sized to the garment. Think of the pockets you'd find on an item for sale in the Crossing.

- Four (4) may be jewelry (wedding bands are counted separately).

- Four (4) may have verbs, subject to limitations in the guidelines.

- In addition, we will supply a custom wedding cake, one tossable wedding bouquet, flowers for your wedding party in the form of bouquets, corsages, or boutonnieres, custom wedding invitations, up to four new custom food or drink items, and a customized ribbon or rosette for your guests. You get to design all these things. (See worksheet below.)

- Upon request, we can provide various games for the reception, such as apple-bobbing, pinatas, and the pig or chicken catching games.



Here are some general guidelines on writing an item description:

We can only describe how something looks. It is your job to tell folks how it got that way. While it may indeed be the antique blue satin garter worn by generations of women in your family and last worn by your great grandmother's second cousin's aunt Tilly and finally handed down to you in the hopes that you will be as happy as she was during her 84 year marriage to the mayor of Fayrin's Rest, all that someone looking at it will see is a rather faded blue satin garter. Write what you see, not what you know.

Descriptions can't tell you how you feel when looking at the item. For example, looking at a tabard embroidered with "a ruby-eyed scorpion poised to sting" can't "...fill you with a sense of fear". An observer who worships Urrem'tier may be inspired by the sight; another observer may be horrified.

There is no guild of assassins, smugglers don't wear uniforms, so there's no way someone can look at a cloak and know it's an assassin's cloak. It can be an enveloping shadowy-black wool cloak, but its not necessarily an assassin's cloak. The same is true for guild titles -- we will not make enchanter's cloaks, etc. Variations on titled items which already exist in-game (forester's items, for example) will be looked at on a case-by-case basis with the GM having the final decision.



You have three (3) descriptions available to create, if you choose.

1. TAP (across the room) description: This is what you see when you tap the item, look AT a person wearing the item, look at the item on the ground or held in the hand. This description is limited to 80 characters (this includes spaces) and written as a single sentence without any punctuation. For example, "an ivory satin bodice edged with lace and tiny opals".

2. LOOK (Show) description: This is what you see when you LOOK AT the item directly, or when someone SHOWS you the item. It provides a full visual description of the item, but it does not tell you what the item's history was or how the viewer will respond to it. Your Aunt Tilly's garter may represent years of wedded bliss, but all the observer will see is "Stitched along the hem of this frail garter are loops of seed pearls that overlay the delicate lace trim." Again, write what you see, not what you know.

A handy tip - when you SHOW something to someone, they see the TAP followed immediately by the LOOK. Try not to repeat the TAP verbatim in the LOOK, or the item's description will be repetitive when shown to someone.

3. READ description: This is what you see when you READ the item. This is commonly used on jewelry to indicate the presence of an inscription. On wedding rings, the READ is limited to 15 words.

An item in the format of the worksheet should look something like this:

Belongs to: Blintz
Pockets?: N
TAP: a white gold wedding band carved in the shape of a ring of flames
LOOK: Tiny flecks of ruby accent the band, lending a colorful glitter to the boldly carved fire.
READ: "Our love is forged stronger than steel."

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