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Weddings - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be "titled" to have a wedding?
No, however, both parties must be at least 10th circle to qualify for the Queen's Wedding package.

Do I need a reservation for an Elope With Me wedding?
No, the party planning doesn't take reservations, however there are 12 areas on the grounds of the abbey where you can hold your wedding (look at your receipt after you purchase a party package to see if the area you are in is suitable for a party).

Are there any restrictions on the items made for the ceremony?
We are flexible with the items, but they all must be wedding-specific, including four pieces of jewelry and special or special ceremonial items. No weapons or armor will be made. We also won't make out of genre items -- no tuxedos, top hats, spiked heels or lingerie. The items made must be within our policy guidelines -- if a merchant won't make it, we won't either.

What if one my items is not within the guidelines?
We will work with the couple to find something that works for them, though if time becomes critical, we reserve the right to make the final decision.

How much text can I have for my items?
You can have three views of each item - the 'across the room' look (what you see when you look at the person), the 'up close' look (what you see when you look at the item), and the 'read me' look (what you see when you read the item). We do impose a limit of about 80 characters (including spaces) on the first view.

Can you alter some of my existing items for the ceremony?
No. Only new clothing will be made. We won't alter existing clothing or jewelry.

Can I have pocketed items?
You are allowed 4 pocketed items in your list. Make sure to specify which items are to be pocketed on your worksheet.

How about the invitations? How do they work?
We will hand out the invitations to the bride and groom 4 to 5 days before the ceremony. Each one will receive 30 invitations. If you need more, simply type ASSIST in the game, and request a refill from a GameHost.

Can you help me find a cleric for my wedding?
No. Finding a cleric is the couple's responsibility. Also, the GMs will not be responsible for writing of vows or any other aspects of the ceremony.

If I have a reservation for an assisted wedding, can I have the ceremony anywhere I want?
No, only at the areas provided for that particular type of wedding.

How big are the wedding areas?
Each wedding area has at least seven locations for the guests to enjoy including an area for the ceremony, one for dancing, one for refreshments and some smaller rooms to retreat and chat with friends.

Can I see the areas before the wedding?
We want them to be a surprise, so we will just give you a brief description of the new areas.

The Beaches of Orchid Lagoon
Rolling waves and warm sun. This is a lovely place surrounded by fragrant wild orchids, and includes a lagoon to splash and play in, and a waterslide!
The Riverboat Fal Delenshon
Spend your wedding drifting slowly along the river on the riverboat. At the stern, a young Halfling lad provides dance music, while at the foredeck, our attentive staff handle the details of a clambake! Guests can relax away from the noise at several tables along the bow of the ship.
The Forest of Darda Galion
Here you will find a shady wooded glade, with a small moss-covered sanctuary, perfect for Rangers and others who love being close to the natural surroundings.
The Fortress of Cloudspire Keep
Located high in the mountains, the clouds gather around the Keep for much of the year. Legend holds that the Keep floats upon the misty breath of a dragon. Marry in the castle chapel, followed by a reception in the great hall and dancing in the ballroom -- perfect for those who admire a more formal setting!
The Private Gardens at the Mer'Kresh Carillion
There is nothing formal about these gardens, whose growth is gently guided rather than strictly managed. An unassuming, unadorned temple beautiful in its simplicity. The sound of chimes and flowing water, the scent of incense on the breeze, and the glow of paper lanterns lend a contemplative mood. It's the perfect place for those with simple tastes and quiet hearts.
NEW! The Stardome
The autumn night sky spread across a high, domed ceiling provides a glittering backdrop for the most striking ceremonies. Perfect for lovers of the moons, Damaris, and starry nights.

For The Queen's Wedding, will I have a place to change clothes?
Yes. We take the happy couple and their attendants to a special room where their items will be stored during the wedding. Make sure to dress light and to also bring an extra container for your wedding presents!

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