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The Fallen
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Tips & Features

"Psst! Hey, what's your password?"
Find out why you'll never hear us ask that, and learn how to protect yourself and your character!

New Players!
Want help getting started quickly? Check out the DragonRealms QuickStart Guide.

Premium Subscribers Now Get Larger Vaults!
Is your vault overflowing? Do the attendants sneer at you and threaten to throw you out while you try desperately to repack everything in your vault? We've got the solution! Premium subscribers (Estate Holders) now receive 130-item vaults! That's 30 more items for each persona renting a vault! Additionally, premium subscribers are able to pay their vault rental at any vault location, and get free, near instantaneous transfers between cities!

Among the many fearsome abilities of the wir dinego is the infamous "What's your password?" attack.Zarya is "hooked", and Nick thinks it's "wonderful." What is it?
Find out why DragonRealms Platinum is the place to recapture the "Golden Age" of Elanthia!

Don't be a victim!
To avoid those pesky pickpockets, make sure you keep all of your gems in a closed container (like a belt pouch or sack) and keep all of your extra coins in the bank. If you're going shopping, remember that it's safer to carry 1,000 bronze pieces or 10,000 copper pieces than it is to carry 1 platinum piece. It would only take a single successful strike from a pickpocket to steal one coin!

Bring Your Friends to DragonRealms and Win Prizes!
Win an alteration, free quest, or one-month free game play by inviting your friends and family to play DragonRealms! Visit today for details!

Spells, Spells and more Spells
Not sure what to train in next? Check out the DragonRealms spell lists!

Architectural and Landscaping Association of Elanthia (ALAE)
Create your own piece of Elanthia! The ALAE is now open and accepting applicants in DragonRealms Platinum, allowing its members to design castles, forests, beaches, and more for you and your friends to enjoy! Check here for more details!

DragonRealms Player Web Sites
Explore these great web sites created by your friends! Fans of DragonRealms have created some of the most informative and interesting sites on the web!

Which Guild should I join?
When you're first starting out, make sure you visit each guildhall that interests you and speak to the Guild Leader. Choosing your guild is a very important decision, so make sure you're choosing a guild that you know you'll enjoy. If you can't decide between two or even three guilds, you can always sign up for additional character slots. If you want to try them all, a Premium subscription will give you enough slots to have a character in each guild as well as some other really great benefits!

Real-Life Gatherings
Check out our calendar of real-life gatherings! Have a gathering of your own you want to tell everyone about? Drop a note to and tell us all the information! Please include:

    Contact info
    News about special activities or functions
    What game (or games) your gathering will be focused on

The more you tell us, the more we can tell everyone else!

Customer Service 101
Get "extra credit" for studying up on our new list of ways to help improve your feedback experience.

Speaking of Tips...
Remember to tip other characters that perform services that benefit your character! You should tip Empaths for healing, Clerics for resurrections, Thieves for disarming/picking boxes, Bards for singing and entertaining, and so on. Some people may just return your money, but it's always good to offer. Gems, jewelry and other small items also make good tips.


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