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Customer Service 101
Tips on getting your email read and responded to quickly by Simutronics

Read the documentation first
Between the official site and player websites, there is a ton of information out there. It may already answer your question, so that you might not need to send email at all!

Keep your letter under 250 words
Keeping your letter short will speed the time that it takes for a customer service representative to read and respond to your letter. A long letter may be good in terms of thoroughness, but it will take much longer for our representative to read it, plus you run the risk that they may respond to the wrong part of your letter!

Include only one subject or idea per letter
We receive hundreds of emails each day. To help us in sorting through them so that they can be answered quickly, we use some filters in our software that check for certain keywords in your letter to make sure that it gets routed to the correct person in our customer service department. The best way to get your email sorted into the right area for quickest handling, is to have one letter for each question. That way, your letter will probably go straight to the correct box, and get responded to as quickly as possible. If you include 40 different items in one letter, it will take some time to wade through all of the items, determine who is responsible for those items, and then route the letter to them. This could result in our response to you being delayed, or in some of your questions remaining unanswered.

Make sure to include your account name, the game you're referring to, and your character name
Simutronics runs several different games that have many many thousands of accounts, customers, and characters. But you would be amazed how often we get letters that say things like, "Please sign me up for premium so I can go to that merchant tonight", but include absolutely no other information (like which game is being talked about, or what the customer's account name is!). We do have some ways of searching through our database to try and learn your account name from the "From" address on your email, but if you have multiple accounts or have recently changed your ISP or email address, or are writing to us from a friend's email address, we might guess wrong entirely. To ensure that we deal with the right account or character on the first try, please tell us exactly which account that you are referring to (even if you only have one!), which game you play, and what your character's name is.

Make sure that your email address is current
Make sure the email account you supplied us is current. You can check this in the "My Account" area of the site, under "Email Address". Also, if you use AOL, please make sure that your AOL account is set up to receive email from our address. Otherwise when we try writing to you we'll get our reply bounced back with a message like, "This AOL user is not accepting emails from your domain name!"

Include your previous letters
When having an email conversation, it is helpful to know what has already been discussed. You may have gotten lucky and have access to email software which automatically quotes the letter that you're responding to, but some email software packages don't, such as the one on AOL. So if your program doesn't include the text of the last message when you reply to a letter, use the Forward function instead, which will always include the original text. That way, the person getting your letter can easily review the previous correspondence, rather than having to re-research anything.

Be polite
We realize that if you're taking the time to write to us, it may be about something that went wrong in the game or with your character. We do care about your feelings. But please, if you're feeling angry when you're writing the letter, we would like to remind you that we are human too. The best way to get your message heard is to be polite, courteous, and constructive. Just like when posting in the boards, if you're angry when you start writing a letter or post, stop yourself, take a deep breath and count to 10. We will do our best to respond to your letter as quickly as possible, but if your letter is telling us that our fathers were hamsters and our mothers smelled of elderberries (or worse), we may have to get up and take a walk around the block to calm down, which means that our response to you may not be as quick as it could be!

Be constructive, include suggestions
If you see a system design that you don't like, it is much more helpful to us if you can provide an idea as to how it could be improved, rather than just saying, "I don't like this." The world isn't perfect, and we are striving at all times to make it better. We do read all of the suggestions that come in though, and some of the best suggestions on improvement have either come directly from players, or were sparked by something that a player said that took us off on another tack.

When making a suggestion, consider the forums first
The best place to put ideas about changes is in our forums, where other players have the opportunity to comment and discuss the ideas that you propose, and all of our staff members have equal access to the information. If you send a suggestion to customer service, we'll try to forward it to the most appropriate destination, but it might have a better chance of being seen if it's posted in the message boards instead.

Pros and Cons of including a log file
Sometimes it is helpful to include log files….but it's overkill to send an entire 8 hours or thousands of lines of information from the time that you were last logged in. If it's necessary to send a log file, please try to cut out all of the stuff that isn't important, and send in only the part that has to do with your letter! And remember, while logs can be useful, we can't always take them as gospel since they are very prone to modifications. Next time you come to SimuCon, ask some of our customer service representatives for their "war stories"...for example, the time that four different customers sent in log files about the same incident, but not one log file matched any of the others!

Helpful list of Customer service email addresses - DragonRealms Feedback - Customer Service Supervisor - Lockout Department - Technical Help Department - Access Department - Billing Department - Paid Quests/Events Department - Paid Character Restorals - Character Transfer Department

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