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The Fallen
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Spotlight On Loriene

SGM Loriene - Assistant Senior Game Developer

"I still haven't really figured out what I want to be when I grow up."

--GM Loriene

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Co-Worker's Not-So-Candid Quotes

"GM Loriene is a gifted GameMaster who has a sophisticated sense of style and presentation in all things textual. GM Loriene has a very difficult job (ensuring that everything is written and set up correctly) that she performs exceptionally well, and what distinguishes her is that she does it with such grace and fortitude. I'm so grateful to be able to work with her!"

"She's been part of Elanthia since almost the very beginning. Her unique style and personality have enriched the experiences of all those who interacted with her. And that was before she joined Staff. She's stubborn, opinionated and downright mulish at times... for which attributes the Empaths owe more than they'll ever know, and why she's now in charge of making sure that the World isn't only working, but working properly. Her eye for detail is second to none, and her achievements are on a par with that selfsame eye."

"She's always ready with an expert word of advice or an arm to hold onto. In my opinion, our most underrated GM!"

"Loriene's a sweetheart. She's quiet, patient, and always cheerful and willing to help out. What more can you ask for?"

"Now most all of the folks back here are very nice people, and will all help you when you have a question. GM Loriene however, has never in all the times I have made a pest of myself, been too busy, or not had either the perfect answer to my question, or the exact right spot/way/person to find out. She is warm and cares a great deal about Dragonrealms which is evidenced by her devotion to controlling the quality of our little world. She knows when to tinker with excellent advice to enhance our creations. If I have a hyphen or comma problem, I yell for Loriene and she comes in on a white horse to solve it."

"Loriene is the unsung hero behind more releases than you realize. She has the ability to see clearly what a GM is trying to do and to help them find the right way to make it happen."

I stumbled into DragonRealms in July, 1996 and was immediately addicted, although back in the pre-unlimited days I couldn't afford to play more than the five hours a month you got for your monthly ISP payment back then (I had started my own business shortly before that and we were BROKE). When AOL went to unlimited time, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. I was hired as a GM in October, 1999, to do new area QCs and area design, spent a while as Empath Guru, and am now back in World Building and doing other miscellaneous stuff. The Lybadel was the very first thing I built as a GM, but the area I still like the most is Willow Walk, the Empath housing area in Crossing.

Where were you born?

Hammond, Indiana

Where do you currently live?

Cincinnati, Ohio

Do you have any pets/kids/both?

Two children, a girl and a boy, who are both early 20's now, and spent their teen years listening to Mom talk about this really great new spell, or the danged gargoyles breaking her swords. Remarkably, they're both pretty sane. Also two cats who consider themselves children but don't have to do chores.

What is your current occupation?

Attorney. Most of my practice is Landlord/Tenant law from the landlord side, which basically means I evict people for a living. And I love it!

What did you want to be while you were growing up?

Um, for what two week period? Seriously, I changed goals frequently...everything from a medical researcher to a TV writer/producer/director to a teacher. This carried into adult life, as I've had several career changes. I still haven't really figured out what I want to be when I grow up.

Favorite TV shows?

Now: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Farscape, Frasier

In Years Past: Dark Shadows, The Avengers, Star Trek

Favorite actors/actresses?

Mel Gibson and Diana Rigg

Favorite musicians/bands?

I listen to almost everything, literally. Right now in my car I've got CDs for folk, rock, bluegrass, classical, and some Broadway soundtracks. The only things I really don't like are country and hard rock/punk/rap.

Favorite books/authors?

Too many to list, but right up there are Elizabeth Peters, Dorothy Dunnett, Robert Heinlein, and Stephen R. Donaldson.

Where did you go to college and what did you study?

Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, majoring in Radio/Television. Remember what I said about career changes? Twelve years later, I went to the University of Kansas Law School in Lawrence, Kansas for my J.D.

Favorite/least favorite job you've ever had?

Favorite was probably working as an all-night disk jockey in Dallas, Texas, although the hours were ghastly in terms of living a normal life. Least favorite -- doing public relations work for a public television station. It was just boring.

Favorite hobbies?


Favorite foods?

Cool Ranch Doritos. And king crab claws. Not served together.

Favorite board games or computer games?

I am addicted to Civilization in all of its various incarnations.

Favorite sports/sports teams?

None, really. I tend to be vaguely aware that it's baseball season, or football season, but that's about it.

What would you do with a million dollars?

Retire. Never work again. Ever. I don't love it THAT much.

What three people past or present would you invite to dinner?

Jesus Christ, Thomas Jefferson, and Mel Gibson. For wildly varying reasons.

What is your favorite quote?

Growing up, I heard this all the time -- my mother said her father used to say it, so it probably goes back for generations upon generations and is my inherited Family Wisdom. I tend to mutter it to myself when I've screwed something up, creating more work for myself: "What yer brains don't do, yer back has gotta."

Name something you'd like to do before you die.

Spend a year traveling, to see all the places I've heard of my whole life.

What's your favorite acronym?

IMHO. I almost always have one.

Who is your hero or heroine?

It sounds sappy, but my parents. The older I get, the more I realize how hard it was for them to keep quiet about the mistakes they must have known I was making, and let me live my own life while still always being there for support when I needed it.

If you could have any musical group or artist, past or present, play at your birthday party, who would it be?

The Beatles.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Flying. I totally adore those recurring dreams where you discover that if you breathe in the right way, you can fly. Plus it'd save me a fortune in gasoline.

And the Zobmondo question:

Always have to speak in rhyme...


Not hear every third word spoken to you?

Always have to speak in rhyme. I hate not knowing what's going on, so not hearing words would probably drive me nuts. Always having to speak in rhyme might slow me down enough to think twice about what I'm about to say, so it might turn out to be a Very Good Thing!

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