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The Fallen
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Spotlight On Koyta

GameMaster Koyta - Queen of Quests, Merchant Maniac, Keeper of LongTail

"I'm pretty good at badminton..."

-- GM Koyta

Spotlight On Staff Home

Co-Worker's Not-So-Candid Quotes

"Since she very first came on staff, what a bundle of ceaseless energy and creativity! Full of ideas and passion and drive to see it though, she gets so much accomplished -- and always with a great attitude and open friendly manner. She is so welcoming and encouraging, she makes you feel like you can get anything and everything done as well. She makes and builds beautiful things, fun things, things that just make you burst out laughing. I shall be very very sad if she ever outgrows DR."

"Definitely the crown princess of merchants, this lady is so prolific that she has populated entire festivals single-handedly. This despite working her fingers to the bone as the personal typist and channeler for Long-Tail, the rat, at her high salary of 3 cents a week and all the stale bread he doesn't want to eat! (though rumor has it that if the bio-engineering works and he gets opposible thumbs, the rat is cutting her wages back to 2 cents a week)."

"What words can really describe a woman who walks around with a rat, enjoys inventing things that trap players, obsesses over all things Disney, and will help anyone who asks, anytime? In a nutshell, she rocks."

"I wish I knew as much about Quests as she has forgotten!"

"Koyta needs to be sent on a cruise. Or something ship-related, anyhow. Maybe that'll purge the ship fixation...I adore Koyta--she's been fun to work with, when she isn't hounding us for quest treasure ."

"Koyta is awesome! Between her and Long-tail (her rat), they've just about cornered the merchant market. Don't let the merchant happy side of her fool you though, she's also quite sadistic with all the stuff she puts in quests to kill everyone. Of course, as she much likes to point out, Long-tail is the real (evil) brains behind the operation."

"What a wacky chick! Koyta is total fun to work with."

"Koyta to me is like the ultimate multitasker, not only with her work on quests and merchants but her willingness to come up with cool stuff for different guilds and levels and still jump in full force when it's time to help get everything out for players to use. I can't imagine how anyone who ever went to a fest couldn't be wearing at least one of her items... whether they know it or not, chances are she made one."

"An amazing woman indeed! Koyta always knows just when you need a good laugh and is more than happy to provide it. And of course Longtail is always happy to jump into the fray too! Her talents with quests and merchants/festivals bring a refreshing newness to Elanthia every time she unveils one of her latest creations."

"Hmm...this mistress of all sorts of treasure. She's always bugging people to give her more treasure and threatening people to have to make more of it."

"She's silly, funny, incredibly sweet and insanely creative. She is always coming up with new ideas for merchants and quests. It's really unbelieveable and yet... she does it consistently."

"The Quintessential Quest Queen...and she's quirky, too! The combination makes for puzzles that are not only challenging, but entertaining--like Koyta herself!"

"Koyta's incredible dedication to building both quests and merchants has to be seen to be believed. Quests are hugely complicated beasties (that she frequently accuses of plotting with each other to break in new and interesting ways), and without her there would be far fewer and less interesting ones. She takes her job very, very seriously and really cares about what players think and say, and whether they enjoy themselves. Although she keeps saying Longtail, her rat, is the brains of the bunch, we know better!"

"Funny, intelligent, creative... what more do you need in a World Builder?"

"Koyta is a figment of LongTail's imagination. In fact, so are the rest of us!"

"She is simply one of the nicest and most dedicated GMs on staff today. She continually pushes herself to her limits (and beyond I think) in her efforts to outdo her last merchant or quest. Or maybe that's Longtail, sometimes it is hard to tell ."

"Everytime I think of someone wearing a rat in their hairdo, it makes me wonder"

"This woman is amazing. Her store of plots and subplots and puzzles seems as immense as her enthusiasm for Disney. Koyta is great to work with and for. Putting quests together with her has been one of the highlights of my GM career. Her attention to detail is surmounted by her ability to put in endless hours finishing up fantastic treasure the night before a quest opens, and then she appears to have a boundless store of energy when the quest opens till she fixes all the bugs. I admire her enthusiasm and love for DR and her ability to whip merchants out of thin air. I am grateful for her patience and her knack of allowing people to blossom to their best under her."

"Never before have I met a GM who is so into Disney, Pikachu, and rats. Its an add combination that should be annoying, but for some strange reason its not. I want to see a rematch between Butch the War Sheep and Longtail at SimuCon 2004 though."

I became hooked on DragonRealms in September of 1996 and was hired in June of 1999. After joining the world building team, I was immediately thrown in the deep end making stuff for Feast of Eluned. As soon as that was done, I was recruited for Pirates Plunder. Because of those two projects, I developed a taste for large events and volunteered to work on Morum Melgorehn, AKA Gnome Quest, Inheritance Quest, Mechanical Dragon Quest (MDQ), or that weird quest with the two freaky Gnomes. When the work for that quest wrapped up, a team dedicated to quests was created and I quickly signed up. Since then, I have designed Dunshade: An Echo of Tears, Corik's Secret, Excursions Unlimited, as well as the quest currently in production which is top secret. (Ha! Bet you thought I'd spill the beans, eh?) I also worked on Return to Taisidon, as well as redesigning the original Taisidon's treasure. In my spare time, I enjoy my merchant obsession which has driven me to create more merchants than should be considered sane. Which is lucky since if I were sane, I wouldn't qualify to be a GM.

Where were you born?

Austin, Texas

Where do you currently live?


Do you have any pets/kids/both?

An adorable hound dog I rescued from the pound.

What is your current occupation?


What did you want to be while you were growing up?

An Imagineer so I could build rides for Disney.

Favorite TV shows?

I don't really watch much TV. I adore animation, so I usually watch Samurai Jack and Adult Swim on Cartoon Network.

Favorite actors/actresses?

Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom

Favorite musicians/bands?

John Williams, Carl Orff, Igor Stravinsky, Off Kilter, and a lot of music from theme parks and movies that I have no clue who wrote.

Favorite books/authors?

Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, Tamora Pierce, Patricia Wrede, Larry Niven, Jules Verne, Douglas Adams, Brian Jacques.

Where did you go to college and what did you study?

Florida State University for Information Studies.

Favorite/least favorite job you've ever had?

Favorite -- Being a GM in DR (Does that count as a job? It seems too fun to count.)

Least Favorite -- Working a summer bagging at a local grocery store.

Favorite hobbies?

Reading, writing, gaming, traveling, going to Disney parks, daydreaming about going to Disney parks.

Favorite foods?

Japanese, spaghetti, chocolate.

Favorite board games or computer games?

Final Fantasy, Zelda, Harvest Moon, Monster Rancher, Pokemon, Zoo Tycoon, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Theme Park.

Favorite sports/sports teams?

Um. I'm pretty good at badminton, does that count?

What would you do with a million dollars?

Pay bills (creative huh?), travel around the world by Disney parks with some friends, give some to charities, and invest the rest. Or maybe I'd just move to Japan.

What three people past or present would you invite to dinner?

Walt Disney, Jules Verne, Leonardo da Vinci.

What is your favorite quote?

"We are either alone in the universe or we are not, both ideas are overwhelming."

Name something you'd like to do before you die.

Travel once completely around the planet, set foot on every continent, and really make a difference.

What's your favorite acronym?


Who is your hero or heroine?

I guess Walt Disney, because he did things I'd like to do... make stuff for people to enjoy without really caring if people thought he could actually do it. I get to do that every day in DR, but someday I'd like to create something for people to enjoy in real life.

If you could have any musical group or artist, past or present, play at your birthday party, who would it be?

The Boston Pops or Off Kilter

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Teleportation so I could travel around the world for free!

And the Zobmondo question:

Would you rather become allergic to all your favorite foods...


Become allergic to all your favorite animals/pets?

I would rather become allergic to all my favorite foods, because if I were allergic to animals I could no longer be the commander of my super secret giant mutant evil rabid penguin army of doom. Oh wait, I shouldn't have said that. Ignore that last bit.

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