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Spotlight On Abasha

GM Abasha - Wedding Coordinator

"We like to get together and plot GM evil over lunch."

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Co-Worker's Not-So-Candid Quotes

"Funny, bubbly and in my mind I will always picture her giggling…which might have something to do with meeting her at a Con."

"A fabulously quirky GM, Abasha brings a great deal of laughter and hard work to the game. She's very skilled with the players and a joy to have around as a GM."

"I have a whole new respect for Abasha after QCing one of her weddings the other night. Not that I didn't respect her before -- but it's tough to really understand what she spends every day doing until it's taken you three hours to go over a mere 11 items submitted by a player."

"GM Abasha is the greatest cake maker since Betty Crocker!"

"A riddle of cake and fun wrapped in the mystery of Shard wrapped in the enigma of Weddings!!! Her loyal and hardworking drive is makes for some very creative and fun player events! FGM! Here she comes!"

"Her wedding expertise is superb, and she's ALWAYS around, like some sort of helpful ghost."

"Abasha taught me about fluff. When I became a GM "some black boots" was about as fluffy as I got. I was only vaguely aware that when people insisted on showing me something that I saw a more elaborate description. Abasha and Alvy spent literally hours teaching me to write taps and looks."

"Ah, Abasha! I know Abasha well, since she and I discovered we were wearing similar dragon necklaces way back at the Adams Mark! To Abasha, I owe my undying thanks for teaching me how to make maps. All her other accomplishments, and there are many, pale in my eyes in comparison. I own two left feet and no hands! She gave me two hands!"

"One of the nicest people we have up here. She's always willing to jump in for an event, a wedding or lend a hand with the neverending flow of alterations."

"I've never met anyone who loves weddings as much as Abasha does. She always puts everything into her work, whether it be the wedding party's items to the actual event. Abasha's patience while working with players on items is astonishing, and I've never heard her complain once! I aspire to become a master alterer like her some day!"

"Keep her away from sake at all times!"

"I less-than-three her. She's a delightful, creative, and has been terribly fun to do events with -- need to do some more!"

"Abasha is one of the easiest people to work with that I've encountered in ten+ years with DR. You couldn't ask for a better teammate."

"GM Abasha has an amazing eye. I want her to come to my real life home and make all my outfits."

"Abasha is one of those people to whom creativity comes so easily to, that you only blink in her presence if you understand it might become either an epic event or a super crazy item of doom..."

"Abasha is an Eventing fiend. She is inventive, funny and knows her stuff. I love reading what event she did last because odds on she turned the mundane into something imaginative and amusing. When Abasha works on an event she gives it that "omg-I-want-to-be-part-of-that" touch."

"One of the most talented and tireless people I've known, who always seems to have energy for ten tasks at the same time! Her enthusiasm and brimming ideas have been a constant inspiration to me."

"A ball of sunshine that is hard working and always good for a laugh."

Hi, I'm GM Abasha, wedding GM extraordinaire and the crazy cake lady! I've been a GM for almost three years now, and I love it! Running GM-assisted player weddings is my main duty. Nothing makes me happier than to see a doe-eyed couple step up to the altar in their finest clothes! I also spend quite a bit of time running events, creating shops and merchants, writing food, altering, and dabbling in coding.

Where were you born?

Lansing, Michigan, at Sparrow Hospital.

Where do you currently live?

In Tempe, Arizona, with GM Zeyurn. GM Aurdun is right around the corner, and we like to get together and plot GM evil over lunch.

Do you have any pets/kids/both?

Two cats, no kids. One cat is fuzzy grey and named Fox, and his favorite food is lettuce, go figure. The other cat is a snowshoe named Hider, that is terrified at the drop of a hat. Any hat. They're both aptly named.

What is your current occupation?

After a very long run of miscellaneous customer service jobs, I am again a student. Sadly, I need to get another at least part time job really soon because I'm sort of broke.

What did you want to be while you were growing up?

I had a long time when I wanted to be a doctor, then moved on to wanting to be an author and wanting to design video games. Now I want to be a technical writer. Hooray job security.

Favorite TV shows?

I haven't really watched conventional TV in almost 10 years except for DvD box sets, but I think my favorite recent show I've watched was Invader Zim for its delightfully dark sense of humor. I was a huge trekkie back when the next generation was running. I also like anime, even though it's really weird a lot of the time. I also liked Buffy and Angel, and Firefly.

Favorite actors/actresses?

Do voice actors count? I know it's weird, but I'm going to say Johnny Yong Bosch, who has voiced in like half of the RPGs and anime in today's market. He's got some really amazing talent and has done a ton of work. Look him up on Wikipedia and you might be surprised at what all he's been in. The other amazing voice actor is Kirk Thornton, who voiced Jade Curtiss in Tales of the Abyss among numerous other things. As far as on-screen actors, I'll have to mention Juliet Landau, who played Drusilla in Buffy, and Will Smith, because he can be in any movie and just be himself and it works.

Favorite musicians/bands?

My favorite band is currently Lordi, a Finnish band that dresses up like monsters and sings "horror movie" themed songs. They're great to play at a high volume when invading. *cough* A few other bands I like... Tool, Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, Dream Theatre, Rhapsody, Blind Guardian, Mediaeval Baebes, and Sisters of Mercy. For the lighter side of things, I like Heather Alexander, Yanni, and Enya.

Favorite books/authors?

Tough call, there's so many to choose from. I like Stephan King's writing style, and I also really liked the Harry Potter series. I haven't read much in a while, but I remember the Robert Jordan series being very good.

Where did you go to college and what did you study?

Went to Lansing Community College, now going to ASU. I'm currently studying technical writing.

Favorite/least favorite job you've ever had?

One of my favorite jobs was working in a toy store called Natural Wonders. Low paying, but lots of fun. We used to have hand puppet wars, and I got really good at some of the puzzle games we had. I learned how to solve a rubik's cube in five minutes. Sadly, the store closed.

I'm going to have to say my least favorite job was answering phones in a call center. It wasn't so much the actual work as it was the oppressive schedule. There were almost no sick days at all, so if you got sick you went into work anyway. With a lot of people in one big cubicle farm room, it was a big potential for disease to spread. One time everyone in the office got sick with the same thing, and it sent six people to the hospital. That's about when I quit.

Favorite hobbies?

In Dragonrealms, either getting people married to each other, or killing people. :D Outside of Dragonrealms, I like painting miniature figurines, reading, and writing.

Favorite foods?

This depends on my mood, but I'd say probably chipolte burritos. As a rare, delicious treat I would say Coldstone Creamery ice cream, especially mint mint chocolate chocolate chip flavor, but I wouldn't eat it every day or even every week. Too rich.

Favorite board games or computer games?

I'm currently working my way through Legend of Legaia. I abused the three main characters by renaming them Blueberry, Sprinkles, and Fuzzhead. I'm also playing a lot of Rock Band, it's fun. My favorite game of all time is still Final Fantasy Six. Kingdom of Loathing amuses me. And the favorite board game is Cthulu Munchkin, although I guess that's more of a card game.

Favorite sports/sports teams?

I'm not much of a sports person... sorry.

What would you do with a million dollars?

I know this is boring, but I'd either invest it and live off the interest, or I'd use it to start a business. However I would first take $50,000 of it and blow it on miscellaneous cool stuff and shopping sprees.

What three people past or present would you invite to dinner?

I'm a horribly shy person at times, but I'd probably invite Andrew Lloyed Webber, Scott Adams, and William Shakespeare. Broadway drama, workplace humor, and the literary classics all in one room, fun fun.

What is your favorite quote?

Famous last words 1 through 1,707... found here:

Name something you'd like to do before you die.

I'd like to go backpacking through Europe. It sounds like a life-changing experience.

What's your favorite acronym?

This goes back to an old computer customer service job... "PIBCAK" (pronounced pib-cack) meaning "Problem is between chair and keyboard"

Who is your hero or heroine?

GM Zeyurn. :D If you want a comic book superhero, my favorite one is the X-Man Storm.

If you could have any musical group or artist, past or present, play at your birthday party, who would it be?

Sorry... I'll stop now...

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Definitely the ability to freeze time for everything except myself and whatever other things I want to be "unfrozen". I don't want to go forward or back in time, I just want to be able to STOP time. This is because THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH TIME. Think about having annoying tasks done instantly, or to have enough time to write that book...

And the Zobmondo question:

Would you rather...

Have to get everywhere by crawling on your hands and knees...


have to stand on your hands any time you are stationary?

Hmm... utter humiliation, or utter humiliation plus complete impossibility? If I was given the POWER to stand on my hands every time I'm stationary, then I'd go with that one... maybe... Actually, crawling around on your hands and knees sounds a heck of a lot easier even if the former was possible, and since both of them have about an equal humiliation effect, I'll go with crawling on the hands and knees.

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