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Box Office

Box Office

Event Ticket Purchase Restrictions and Information

All of the following are administered through customer service by email only. If you wish to do any of the following, you will need to contact them using the "Email Us" button below. The billing office is not able to handle these requests by phone due to record keeping requirements.

Tickets may be transferred with the following restrictions. By signing up and/or purchasing a ticket to an event, you are agreeing to participate in it at the specified time and place of your chosen group. If you decide you want to exchange that ticket for another date, you may do so, however you must request the exchange no later than 7 (seven) days prior to the ticketed date or the date you wish to change to, whichever is earlier. There is a $5.00 service fee for making those changes.

In the event of a "rain-out" (a failure of DragonRealms to run the event at the scheduled time, for whatever reason), you may transfer your ticket to a different event time at no charge. For events which are unable to be re-ticketed in this manner, the event will be rescheduled at the earliest possible convenience and in as like a manner as possible. For example, a "rained out" weekend event would be rescheduled for a weekend, not for a weekday. Sorry, no refunds.

Gift tickets may be purchased. Tickets may be purchased for another player, provided both parties have a Simutronics account. That request should be received a week in advance, and there is a $5.00 service charge associated with purchasing the ticket.

Group runs may be accepted. Any currently scheduled quest may be requested as a group signup with the following restrictions:

1. The request must be received three weeks prior to the event date and include the names of all characters that would be going.

2. The request must be on a date when the event has not already been scheduled to run.

3. Any and all confirmations need to be received two weeks before the requested date.

4. There is a $5.00 service charge for each billing.
John is setting up a quest and buying all tickets for his group, there will be one $5.00 service charge made to John. Rob is setting up a group quest and each member of the group is paying for their own tickets. Each member would be charged the $5.00 service fee.

5. For cases where one person is buying multiple tickets, any arrangements made between players for reimbursement are the responsibility of those players. Once the tickets are assigned, they belong to the account of that character.

Tickets bought for characters may be assigned to any character on the account. This is something that has always been the case and requires no changes by customer service. However, if the named character is transferred to another account, the ticket travels with that character. That means if the character is transferred, the ticket may need to be reassigned to another character on the account, and that is subject to the $5.00 service charge.

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