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The Fallen
Box Office

Box Office
DragonRealms Special Events
Prison Riot: The Aftermath 
Prison Riot: The Aftermath Even as the prison's staff recovered from the thwarted riots, a new menace was descending slowly and insidiously upon the compound. The preparations were masterfully made and the trap was set. By the time the move was made, it was too late to stop it. All the guards, staff, and eventually the inmates had no choice but to fight for their lives and hope to survive long enough for reinforcements to be summoned and transported. Driven by an unknown puppetmaster and without mercy, the undead now claim what remains of Grey Raven Prison. As the guards and inmates alike fall, one by one, the living are left to watch in horror as their former friends rise up once again to fight alongside those who brought about their undeath. The Warden has fallen, and the situation is dire. Taking up a rallying cry, Deputy Warden Adisel is trying desperately to push the survivors to defend an ever-shrinking area of the prison's island with small numbers while her enemy's ranks continue to grow. The first waves of her messengers are now pulling ashore and scouring the realms, seeking all willing to assist the Grey Raven once more. Will you answer her call?
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