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The Fallen
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Character Portrait Samples


Want to see what others have done with their portraits and the results from our affiliated art studios? Take a look at these samples from NuView Studio along with the descriptions that were submitted to the artists by the players! We've also got tips on how to get the best portrait for your character!

Llewyn Lleandeamon

Game: DragonRealms Prime and Platinum
Gender: Male
Guild: Cleric
Race: Elf
Height (For This Race): Average
Hair Length: Short
Hair Characteristic: None
Hair Style: Loose
Hair Color: Golden Brown
Skin Color: Tanned
Eye Color: Gold

Unique or Special Items: Wears a back harness with two weapon hilts visible, an average sized two-hander and a broadsword. His armor is "a suit of padded mail crafted from thousands of sinuously interlocking metallic plates", and the cloak he wears is a clear, "liquid" black (like that of Space) with tiny stars that seem to float etherially inside, as if a patch of space had been captured and woven in perfect, lifelike minature. (sorta like those little marbles in Men In Black, actually)

Attitude or Demeanor: Amiable but alert. Very friendly, but always ready and willing to pounce at the first sign of trouble.

General Appearance: I have a digital picture of myself that fits my image of Llewyn almost perfectly, since I based him on me... I'd love it if it would be possible for me to E-mail it over and have it used as the basis for the portrait.

General Build: (see above)

Distinguishing Features: Though Llewyn is a Warrior Mage in Prime and a Cleric in Plat, his features are almost identical in both games (maybe a slight hair length difference, nothing more). With that in mind, it would be great if the picture were guild-neutral so that I could use it in both without creating a conflict of appearance. :-)

Xanost Starsin
Game: DragonRealms Prime
Gender: Male
Guild: Cleric
Race: Human
Height (For This Race): tall
Hair Length: Shoulder Length
Hair Characteristic: Straight
Hair Style: Tied Back
Hair Color: Gray
Skin Color: Pale
Eye Color: Crystal Blue

Unique or Special Items: Dark wide brimmed hat, ebony scorpion medallion of Urrem'tier, steel bound platinum capped pike staff, black mesh robe, ebony leather boots with toe caps, scorpion cambrinth item (his little unliving pet)

Attitude or Demeanor: Xanost is a devoted priest of Urrem'tier, and believes he is the servant and soldier of Urrem'tier. He believes we all fall someday, and he wishes to usher those whose time is up on Elethnia to The Lord of the Void. Xanost is sort of a drunk, and is at peace around the dead (the only people who don't talk back!). He is friends with all races, and his eyes always show a curiosity of death, and a peace in his soul, knowing that one day he will be ushered onto Urrem'tier. 

General Appearance: Xanost is only 21 years old and looks like a Mortician really when he walks around town, he has a wide-brimmed dark black hat that he always wears, and tips to all he meets. Most of his clothing is black, or dark, which is a contrast to his VERY pale skin. The only part of his body showing is his face, a very clean shaven face, with sharp features, and pale crystal blue eyes. He always wears his scorpion medallion on his neck. He usually always wears a very crooked smile, and you never know if he is just happy to see you, or he knows that you're time is coming to be ushered forth.

General Build: Xanost is a tall VERY thin individual, who looks like he hasn't eaten for a few days. His clothes are the only thing that bulk him up. His shoulders are more broad then a thin man would have them, and his fingers are very thin and long.

Distinguishing Features: Tattoo of an electric eel surrounded by lightning bolts on his right arm, his wide-brimmed hat (never leave home without it). And his always clean shaved face.

Lainn Cylraen
Game: DragonRealms Prime
Gender: Male
Guild: Cleric
Race: Human
Height (For This Race): short
Hair Length: Short
Hair Characteristic: Wavy
Hair Style: Tousled
Hair Color: Ginger
Skin Color: Fair
Eye Color: Hazel

Unique or special items:
a long faded cloak covered in colorful patches and shiny beaded appliques, a simple necklace of rough twine supporting an uncut crystal amulet, an olive green [chain mail] shirt, no head or neck armor (we'll assume he took it off for the picture); all items are of fairly simple, unassuming design, better suited to actual adventuring than to impress

Attitude or Demeanor: Intense, yet sheepish in spite of himself. Defiant, but ambiguous about it, and just plain unintimidating in general. Still a sympathetic character, though. Sort of pouty, childish, possibly with arms crossed defiantly across his chest. Looks as likely to be friendly as to throw a temper tantrum in the next moment.

General Appearance: A young looking, 5'7" human male with a wiry build and blazing orange hair that is always full of cowlicks. Appearance might reflect a a bit of a small town background, although the character now resides in a major city (he was born on a small farm).

General Build: Lean and wiry, but not exactly skinny. Still, definitely smaller in stature than the average male adventurer. Stands about 5'7".

Distinguishing Features:  Hair leans more toward a fiery orange color than red. Boyish facial features. Clean shaven. Chest completely covered by armor up to the neckline. Clean appearance, but hair has a cowlick. No scars or tattoos. Warm colors prevelant. Equipment is clearly used, but not raggedy, and is generally in good repair.

Want to see more examples? Check out the GemStone III portrait samples!

Tips on Describing Your Character

Describe your vision of your character. Remember, the artists cannot see your vision and do not know your character. It is important that you describe your vision as best as you can for the most desirable results.

Stress what's important. If something is important to your vision of your character, make sure to mention it.

Be detailed. Make sure to describe anything that is important in as much detail as possible. The more information that you provide to the artist, the better the chance that the artist's depiction of your character will turn out the way that you want.

Use all the space. Take advantage of all the space made available to you.

Prioritize your inventory. List your inventory in order of importance of its inclusion in the portrait. List the most important first, and the least important last. The artists will do what they can to include all inventory items, but sometimes inventory does not translate realistically into an image due to space issues.

Know the rules. Read the portrait policies first. If you ask for something that is against policy, the process will be slowed dramatically.


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