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The Fallen
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Character Portrait FAQ


How long will it take to get my portrait?
At least four weeks after your ticket has been purchased and the request has been submitted to the artists.  When you purchase a ticket, look at the "event date" on it, as this will indicate the approximate completion date of the portrait.  Then once the artists are done, Simutronics will put that portrait (and others that have been purchased) into an art resource pack which will be available in the file library. 

Can I have my familiar in my portrait with me?
Portraits can only have one figure in them (your character). You can request to have an image of your familiar on one or more of your inventory items, but as for including the actual familiar in the portrait, this might be more complex than the artists can handle (since you're effectively asking to have two figures in one portrait).  You can also request a simple familiar, such as a raven perched on your shoulder, but it's at the artist's discretion as to whether they include it. For more information, write directly to the artist at the email address that is supplied to you when you purchase the portrait.

Can I buy more than one portrait?
You can purchase as many portraits as you want, as long as you do not purchase more than one portrait per "group" of tickets.  In other words, if there are two groups of tickets on sale in a particular month -- one group of tickets for facial portraits and one for full-body portraits -- you could purchase one ticket from each group in that month, and then would have to wait until additional groups were made available before you could purchase other portraits.

You can also choose which character that you want the portraits attached to.  So for example, you could eventually have five different portraits all on one character, and then choose which one that you want displayed at any particular time, or you could have a different portrait on each of several different's up to you as to how many that you'd like to purchase.

If I buy more than one portrait, how can I choose which one I want to be displayed when someone LOOKs at me?
While in the game, type the command PORTRAIT.  This will allow you to toggle various portrait options, such as which one to display (if any), and whether you want to see other characters' portraits or not.

Can I have a portrait made of me and my in-game spouse together?
Sorry, no, only one character can be displayed in each portrait on the Wizard FE.  If you'd like to have another portrait drawn for you for your personal use though, you're welcome to contact the artist directly.

I purchased a ticket and submitted my character description but I haven't received an email yet.  How do I find out  the artist's email address?
You should receive an email that confirms your order, and includes the artist's email address, as soon as the charge is settled on your account.  For credit card users, this usually means that you'll hear within 24 hours.  For users of other billing methods such as EFT, it could take up to a week for the charge to process.  If you have not received a confirmation letter within 7 days of your ticket purchase, please contact our billing office at 636-925-3172 or write to

Can I use the same portrait for multiple characters?
With one exception, no.  Each portrait can only be tied to one character in each game.  The exception is in the case of the same character being in both the prime and platinum instances of the game, in which case yes, you can have the same portrait show up in each game if the two characters look fundamentally alike.  For information about attaching one portrait to the same character in different games (like if you have the same character in both GemStone IV and DragonRealms), please write to

Can I transfer a portrait from one of my characters to another?
Provided of course that the characters look fundamentally the same, it's a little tricky, but yes, you can probably do this by writing to us, requesting the transfer, and paying an administrative fee of $20.  Contact for details.

If I delete my character and create a new one, or reroll to a new name, will the portrait still show up on the new character?
No, as soon as the character is deleted or rerolled, the portrait will "detach" from the character.  If you'd like to have it reattached, you can request this for a fee of $20 by writing to

Can I draw my own portrait?
Can I send you artwork by a different artist to be used as my portrait?

Due to legal & copyright restrictions, we can only display art (via the Wizard and eScape FEs) that has been created by an artist that we have a contract with.  If you would like to have a portrait created by a different artist, please have that artist contact us at to find out what the requirements for such a contract would be.

Can I give a portrait as a gift to a friend, so that they can have a portrait of their own character?
Cool gift!  We've received multiple questions like this, and think it's a neat idea.  At this time, there's no way to give them a portrait specifically, but you can definitely give the cost of the portrait to your friend as a Gift of Adventure.  Then they can sign up for the portrait on their own.

Can I send a photograph or my own artwork to the artist, so they have something to work from?
This is entirely up to the contracted artist.  Some may welcome or even encourage this kind of help, others may say no.  When you receive the artist's email address, write to them directly to find out if this is something that they're willing to do.  Or if this is something that you'll absolutely need to know ahead of time, we recommend that you read the artist's sample page to see if they make any mention of willingness to work from someone else's artwork.

How do I choose which artist that I want to work with?
When you purchase a ticket for a portrait, the ticket will state which studio you have chosen.  If a studio has multiple artists, you can write to them to request a particular person, but it's still up to the studio as to which artist that they assign.  You, however, will definitely have a choice of which studio that you prefer.  Different studios may be available at different times, so check the signup page to see who is currently available.

I bought a portrait and it's supposed to be available in the game now, but my friends can't see it?  Why not?
In order for your friends to see the portrait, two things must happen.

  • First, they must be using an interface that supports portrait display, either the Wizard or eScape interfaces. In the case of the Wizard Front End, they will need to have the appropriate Wizard Art Pack (that includes your portrait) installed on their computer.  Once your portrait is completed, these art packs can be obtained by telling your friends to check in the Simutronics file libraries, which includes instructions on how to install the art pack. Of course, if they're using eScape, there won't be any need for them to download anything, in which case....

  • Second, you should make sure that your portrait settings in the game are turned "on."  If you've just bought a portrait for the first time, you should do this by typing PORTRAIT DISPLAY 1 while in the game.  For more information on usage, type PORTRAIT while you're in the game.

Who do I ask if I have other questions?
If you've already purchased a portrait and have a question about it, please contact the artist at the email address that was sent to you.  Otherwise, please write to


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