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Wrayth - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn off the hypertext in the story window?

Under Options, select Advanced and then "Show Links"

Where's the Round Time meter?

It's imbedded into the command line. On darker screens the default color can be hard to see, so right-click on the command line and choose "Settings", one of the colors in the three-color batch in the upper left is for the RT meter.

How do I cut, copy and paste into the command line?

Go to your macro settings and make sure CTRL-C is set to {copy}, your CTRL-X is set to {cut}, and your CTRL-V is set to {paste}. Including the braces

In Wrayth's chat mode, how does one enter normal commands? Is it possible to have a macro or shortcut key to toggle between modes?

There is a button just to the left of the command line bar. If you click on it, it toggles you between chat and command modes. Chat appears as a little cartoon speech balloon and command mode is a >. If you leave it in command mode you can play normally, but still have access to any P&C features you want to use.

Can I use Wrayth on a Mac computer?

No, Wrayth is not currently available for Macintosh.

Is there a way each PC can store Scripts and Text Strings on your server for those that play GS on different computers? What if I want to store my settings on my own computer and not your server?

Select Options, Settings and then Location. You can toggle select choices from server or local.

How do I change the text and window colors?

Right click in the story window (or any window you wish to change) and choose Settings.

How do I change the Font?

Right click in the story window (or any window you wish to change) and choose Settings.

How do I remove the left and right columned panels to make the story window larger?

In the upper left and right hand corners of Wrayth there is a small button with a "<" icon in the center. This will show or hide the panels.

How do I change the color of the window title bar?

Select Options, then Highlights. From there you can choose colors for common game elements.

How do I add custom phrases and associate them with a color or sound?

Select Options, then Highlights, then the Custom tab.

How do I highlight a specific player character's name?

Select Options, then Highlights, then the Names tab.

Can I squelch specific text phrases?

Sure, select Options, Highlights and then the Ignore tab.

Where do I go to create and save Macros?

Select, Options, then Macros.

Where can I create, edit and run scripts?

Select Options, then Scripts.

Can I import my old highlight, macro/script and configuration settings from the Wizard FE?

Currently, you can only import highlights from the Wizard FE. Download and run "ThunderMage" to do so.

How do I turn music, sound or images off and on?

Select Options, then Settings, then your choice of music, sound or image. Once clicked, your selection of on or off will appear in your story window in text.

I can't use /a in my macros as I did in the Wizard.

That is correct. Game mechanics have changed so that the first creature that you ATTACK becomes your default target. Thereafter, any time you type ATTACK you will attack that creature. Additionally, if the first time you type ATTACK, you have no target specified, you will be given a random target in the room. Use of the TARGET verb will allow you to select a specific default target. In other words, "/a" is no longer necessary.

How do I turn on autosneak in Wrayth?

With the addition of the MOVEMENT command in DragonRealms, you may set your movement type to whichever style you wish. As such, it was not necessary to duplicate this functionality in Wrayth.

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