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The Fallen
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Wizard Client

The Wizard Front End for Windows is designed for anyone who wants to enhance their Simutronics gaming experience through a program rich in features and versatility.

If you would like a download-free interface, try out eScape!

Wizard Utilities

Wizard FE Files
Art PAKs are resources for the Wizard FE that you download and install. Each features enhancements for your gaming experience, everything from music to area artwork to creature artwork to portraits of your fellow players! For installation instructions, go here.

Don't want to download the PAKs but do want the enhancements? Check out eScape!

Notes No.
Download DR-24.pak
Images of Atik'et, Firecat, Dspirit, Hafwa, Gemshop, Jackwater, LadyD3, SirRobyn, Smellycat
Download DR-23.pak
Portrait of Leshrak Shaulgul
Download DR-22.pak
Portraits of Ellowhyne, Meddy, Mieckhael, Najeem, Xanaphia
Download DR-21.pak
Ice Quest Art Pak!
Download DR-20.pak
Portraits of Gallowine Dadelus and Kougan Aensworth
Download DR-16-19.pak
Portaits of Hazygaze, Xochi, Donkamage, Espa, Ignatius, Esuin, Jayanna, Jeseanne, Sapfyre
Images of Shadow Hounds, Poloh'izh, Snow Beast, Bone Wolf and Return to Taisidon Enhancement
Download DR-11-15.pak
Portraits of Jeseanne, Grisgonda, Agonar, Aslana, Felicitti, Laraina, Sapfyre
Images of Gidii, Goblin, Water Sprite, Ship Rat, Faenrae Reaver, Nyad, Fire Sprite, War veteran, Jadewater Mansion, Boggle, Moss Mey, Seordmaor, maps, Adan'F creatures, Rartan's Collegium
Download DR-6-10.pak
Portraits of Kssarh, Gauthus, Darius, Annael, Melear.
Images of Training Areas, Shipyard, Shops, Swamp Troll, Beisswurm, Wir Deinego, Boobrie, Brown Burrower, Stone Guardian, Granite Gargoyle, Lesser Skeleton, Glutinous Lipopod, Scout Ogre, Lesser Sluagh, Vykathi Reaper, Races of the Realms and the Original Taisidon Quest enhancement
Download DR-1-5.pak
Portraits for Maelnorth, Lainn, Ravenesque, Xinphinity, Llewyn, Xanost, Allaya, Gweneviere, Linnet, Markik, Tiros, Veldehar, Aslain, Cytheria, Daeara, Geradiel, Wildminsac, Elizzabiana, Khaydra, GM Riel, GM Bartlebee, GM Viani, GM Wilona


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