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Game Launcher Download

The Simutronics game launcher program lets you launch any client from our website and updates automatically when new versions of the software are available! Once you have downloaded and installed this application, all other game downloads and version updates will be handled automatically every time you go to play a Simutronics game.

Download and Install

Download the launcher for current versions of Windows (anything from Win 95 onward) by clicking here: DOWNLOAD WINDOWS LAUNCHER.
You will receive a dialogue similar to this one:

Sample of Download Window

Follow these directions:

  1. You must save the application to disk before you can run it. Navigate to a folder on your hard drive and choose Save to download the LAUNCHER application.
  2. When the download is complete, locate the Lchinst.exe application you just downloaded. Double-click on this file to start the installation.
  3. Simply follow the directions to install the LAUNCHER application.
When you are done downloading and installing the LAUNCHER, click here to continue!

Please Note: If you are still using Windows 3.1 (a version of Windows from before 1995), you need to download the Windows 3.1 Launcher instead!

Download Tips for Netscape

• It is easiest to download to your desktop so that when it comes time to run the application, you can find it easily.
• You can safely delete the Lchinst.exe program once the installation has completed.

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