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The Fallen
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2010 Goals

The following is an overview of our release GOALS for 2010. Actual 2010 releases are always subject to change as the result of unexpected difficulties, unexpected progress in other areas, staff changes, or changing player priorities, however this is what we have on the list for the coming year.

  • At least one new Quest - For sure, this time. :)
  • At least one Auction  - Ongoing
  • At least one Festival  - Ongoing
  • Continued Storyline Development of Event-Driven Post and Pre-Title rewards
  • Continued Development Task System
  • Minimum of Four Calendar-posted Events per month
  • Six Queen and six Prince weddings/parties for sale per month - Ongoing
  • One King's Wedding for sale - Ongoing
  • Catering for Non-Order Calendar Events
  • Major Paladin Guild Event with crossover to other Guilds
  • Calendaring Services - Ongoing
  • Invasion Enhancements
  • Raffles
  • Invasions with Mini-Plotlines.
  • Events centered around the Havens Wind Ship
  • Provide regular events for growing Muspar'i population - Ongoing
  • Bonded Items rewrite - In QC
  • Alchemy Updates and Enhancements
  • Combat and Magic Damage Review
  • Addition of Metals and Minerals to Substance System - In Progress
  • New Special Attacks and Combat Moves
  • Pawnshop Updates
  • Orders System Rewrite
  • Skinning Rewrite
  • Bundles Rewrite - In Progress
  • Ship Fixes
  • Survival Skills Survey
  • Feature System v2.5
  • SHIFT Rewrite
  • Treasure and Box Upgrades - In Progress
  • Lockpick Stacking - In Progress
  • New Treasure Types - Ongoing
  • Gweth Rewrite
  • New and Improved Shop System - In Progress
  • Various Merchants Overhauled/Revamped/Refreshed
  • Riverhaven Updates
  • Therenborough Expansions, Enhancements and Hunting Area Revamps
  • M'riss Expansions, Enhancements and Hunting Area Revamps
  • Ratha Expansions, Enhancements and Hunting Area Revamps
  • Shard Hunting Expansion - In Progress
  • New Shard Gates and Guards - Final Stages
  • Prince's wedding tents - In Progress
  • Muspar'i Updates - In Progress
  • Boar Clan Updates - In QC
  • Zoluren Hunting Expansion - In Progress
  • Healing v2.0 - In Progress
  • Mining
  • Gold Panning (Phase I)
  • Two new Aesry hunting areas
  • Smuggling (Phase I)
  • Auction System Overhaul and Rewrite
  • Harajaal upgrades, including reworking hunting areas, adding repair shops, and addition of haunted house in Enclave
  • New Features and Enhancements in P5 - In Progress
  • Lake of Dreams
  • Repair and Redesign Pet System (Includes Horses, Familiars, Companions, Risen, etc.)
  • Criminal/Thief/Pretend Title Reevaluation and Updates (Thieves)
  • Guild-only Area Environmental Updates (Thieves) - In Progress
  • Shard Guildhall Revamp (Thieves) - In Progress
  • New Bin Outposts (Thieves) - Ongoing
  • Ratha Passages (Thieves)
  • GLANCE verb updates (Thieves) - In QC
  • Contact Rewrite (Thieves) - In Progress
  • Breaking and Entering (Thieves)
  • BUMP verb (Thieves)
  • Additional Protects (Paladin)
  • New Combat Maneuvers
  • Lead Upgrades (Paladins)
  • Glyph Review and Technical Upgrades (Paladin) - In Progress
  • Trace/Glyph rewrite (Paladins) - In QC
  • Sacred Insight ability w/ quest (Paladins) - In Progress
  • MANIPULATE Revamp (Empaths)
  • Guardian Spirit Revamp (Empaths)
  • New Spells (Empaths)
  • Shock System Rewrite (Empaths) - Ongoing
  • Shock Quest (Empaths) - In Progress
  • PC Empath waiting list (Empaths)
  • Ranger Bonus Rewrite (Ranger)
  • Nature's Pool (Ranger)
  • Beseech Evaluation (Ranger)
  • Trails Evaluation (Ranger) - In Progress
  • Trails - PTM Evaluation (Ranger)
  • Scouting Rewrite (Ranger)
  • Ranger Retreat (Ranger)
  • New Combat Maneuvers (Barbarian)
  • Vishlan's Shop Expansion (Barbarian) - In Progress
  • Dance Evaluation (Barbarian)
  • Berserk Evaluation (Barbarian)
  • Roar Evaluation (Barbarian)
  • War Stomp Rewrite (Barbarian)
  • Guildleader Rewrites (Barbarian)
  • Meditations (Barbarian)
  • Warhorns (Barbarians/Bards)
  • New Screams (Bards) - In Progress
  • New Quests (Bards)
  • New Enchantes (Bards)
  • Aesry Sentinels (Bards/Warrior Mages) - In Progress
  • Familiar Updates (Warrior Mages)
  • New Spells (Warrior Mages)
  • New Cantrips (Warrior Mages) - In Progress
  • New Aethereal Pathways (Warrior Mages) - In Progress
  • Hirelings (Traders)- Ongoing
  • New Commodity Pits (Traders)- In Progress
  • New Commodity System (Traders) - Final Stages
  • New Speculates (Traders)- Ongoing
  • Personally Owned Caravans (Traders) - In Progress
  • Hire Delivery (Traders) - In Progress
  • Truffenyi Commune (Cleric)
  • 100th Circle Ability (Cleric)
  • Cleric Shop Restocking
  • In-Character Punishments for Blatant Necromancers (Necromancer) - Final Stages
  • Risen (Necromancer) - In progress
  • The Redemption Quest (Necromancer) - In Progress
  • The Lich Quest (Necromancer)
  • New spells (Necromancer)
  • At least one more Guildhall (Necromancer)
  • Library (Necromancer)
  • Sect shop for Gnar Peth (Moon Mage)
  • Relocate one sect shop(Moon Mage)
  • Enchantment Engraver (Moon Mage) - In QC
  • Removal mechanics for the Observatory (Moon Mage)
  • New Moon Mage Titles
  • Continued Astrology enhancements (Moon Mage) - Ongoing
  • Magic 3.0 - Highlights include but are not limited to:
    • Eliminate spell obsolescence
    • New Held Mana & Enchante Spell Model
    • New TM Damage Model
    • New Magic skills: Sorcery & Warding
    • Comprehensive Spell & Spellbook Review
  • New Spells to Include:
    • Bind Spirit (Cleric)
    • Spite of Dergati (Cleric)
    • Idon's Theft (Cleric)
    • Call of the Siren (Bard) - In QC
    • Breath of Storms (Bard)
    • Blufmor Garaen (Warrior Mage) - In Progress
    • Descry (Moon Mage)
    • Natural Reserve (Ranger)
    • Blade of Light (AP)
  • Lore Creation Core System - Final Stages
    • Mech Lore Split - In Progress
    • Crafting guildhalls - In Progress
  • New Crafting Systems
    • Forging Rewrite - In Progress
    • Stone carving - Final Stages
    • Bone and Wood carving - In Progress
    • Tanning and Tailoring Rewrite
    • Alchemy and Cooking
    • Enchanting - In Progress
    • Artistry and Embellishing - In Progress
  • Enhanced Renown Scrolls and Guild Registries - In QC
  • Creature Stealing
  • New Titles (Various)
  • Justice and/or System Updates to Handle Deportation, Exile, or Incarceration
  • Lots of new Library Books - Ongoing
    • Gerenshuge Grammar - In Progress
    • Prydaen Grammar - In Progress
    • S'Kra Dictionary - In Progress
    • Gamgweth Updates - In Progress
  • Text Book System Phase II (Player-written text books)
  • Redesigned Item Bonding System
  • New Wedding/Party Area
  • New Magic Item Types
  • Mechanical Lore Split
  • Bard Guildhall Upgrades and Enhancements
  • The Prydaen Hub
  • Gnome Village
  • Rakash Village - Out of QC, Awaiting Critters for hunting area, otherwise ready
  • Rakash Favor system - Out of QC, awaiting village release
  • Mountain Elf Home
  • Improved Theatre Mechanics
  • Holiday Merchant System
  • Joinable Clans
  • New Stealth-using creature
  • New High-Level Undead
  • New Unique Auction Items
  • More Construct Creatures
  • New Long-Term Benefits - Ongoing
  • More Estate Holder Council Events - Ongoing
  • Special Platinum-only Events - Ongoing
  • Existing Neighborhoods Revamp - Ongoing
  • New Estate Holder Housing Locations - In Progress/In QC
  • New Premium-only Clubhouses and Areas - In Progress
  • Existing Premium-only Hunting Grounds Revamp - Ongoing
  • New Premium-only Hunting Grounds - In Progress
  • Premium-only Warrior Mage Cantrips - In Progress
  • Lots(!) of Surprises

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