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The Fallen
Box Office

2006 Goals

The following is an overview of our release GOALS for 2006. Actual 2006 releases are always subject to change as the result of unexpected difficulties, unexpected progress in other areas, staff changes, or changing player priorities, however this is what we have on the list for the coming year.

  • At least one new Quest
  • One large scale, competetive Event (a la Droughtman's Maze)
  • One Auction
  • One Festival
  • Continued Storyline Development of Event-Driven Post and Pre-Title rewards
  • Expansion of Player-held "Positions of Importance" (Political, social, etc.)
  • Development of reusable "Prop Driven" Events (AKA Task/Job System "Go find 15 of X items and take them to So-and-so.")
  • Savage Fight Nights - ONGOING
  • Minimum of Four Calendar-posted Events per month
  • At least six Queen's and six Prince weddings/parties per month - Ongoing
  • Additions to Substance System (More Foragables, New Createables, etc.)
  • Combat and Magic Damage Review - ONGOING
  • Addition of Metals and Minerals to Substance System
  • New Special Attacks and Combat Moves - ONGOING
    • DIRT Throwing - RELEASED
    • Offhand THROW - RELEASED
  • Lottery - RELEASED
  • Pawnshop Updates
  • Order Halls - System to design and construct Order HQs
  • Forging Rewrite
  • Fletching Rewrite
  • Skinning Rewrite
  • STEAL Rewrite - RELEASED
  • PLAY/SING re-write - RELEASED
  • Instrument Updates - RELEASED
  • New RECALL abilities
  • New Premium LTB System - RELEASED
  • New Premium Tracking System (Cumulative Premium Time) - RELEASED
  • New Armor Types (Cloth and Bone) - RELEASED
  • Muspar'i Updates - Phase I RELEASED
  • Ship-to-Ship Naval Combat
  • Survival Skills Survey
  • Addition of New Types of Ocean Encounters for Player-Owned Ships
  • Feature System Rewrite (Enhanced Character Descriptions) - In QC
  • SHIFT Re-write - In QC
  • Lockpicking Re-write
  • Disarm System Upgrades
  • Stalking Mechanics Upgrades - Final Stages
  • New and Improved Shops
  • Rossgallan Keep - RELEASED
  • Riverhaven Updates
  • Theren Expansions/Enhancements - Ongoing
  • River Elf Village - RELEASED
  • Khri Re-write (Thieves)
  • MARK rewrite (Thieves) - RELEASED
  • The Warehouse (Thieves)
  • Anatomy Charts (Empaths) - RELEASED
  • Additional Protects (Paladin)
  • Auras (Paladin)
  • Glyph Review and Technical Upgrades (Paladin)
  • Nature's Pool (Ranger)
  • Meditations (Barbarian)
  • Magical Item...Disposal (Barbarians) - RELEASED
  • Custom War Paint (Barbarians) - RELEASED
  • Warhorns (Barbarians/Bards)
  • New Screams (Bards) - ONGOING
  • Hirelings (Traders)
  • New Commodity Pits (Traders)
  • Songbook Updates (Bards)- RELEASED
  • Elemental Attunement ability (Warrior Mages)
  • New Elemental Arcana skill (Warrior Mages)
  • Elemental Barrage (Warrior Mages) - RELEASED
  • Familiar and Talisman changes (Warrior Mages)
  • Spellcasting Familiars (Warrior Mages)
  • Aethereal Pathway quests for abilities 5-6 (Warrior Mages) - RELEASED
  • The Ways / Astral Travel - RELEASED
  • Moon Mage Guildleader and Sect system rewrite - ONGOING
  • New Enchantments (Moon Mages) - RELEASED
  • Comprehensive Spell Reviews For
      • Clerics - Ongoing
      • Bards - Ongoing
      • Paladins
      • Warrior Mages - Ongoing
    • "Spell vs Agility" Spell Review
    • "Spell vs Spirit" Spell Review
    • Cambrinth FOCUS/CHARGE Updates - RELEASED
    • Cantrip Overhaul (Warrior Mage) - RELEASED
    • Teleologic Sorcery spellbook - RELEASED
    • New Spells to Include:
      • Rutilor's Edge (Paladin)- Final Stages
      • Hands of Justice (Paladin)
      • Heavy Hands (Paladin) - Final Stages
      • Harm Horde (Cleric)
      • Flames of Ushnish (Cleric)
      • Abeyant Orison (Cleric) - RELEASED
      • Eylhaar's Feast (Cleric) - RELEASED
      • Bitter Feast - RELEASED
      • Resonance (Bards) - RELEASED
      • Siren's Call (Bards)
      • Breath of Storms (Bards) - On Hold
      • Harmony Enchante (Bards)
      • Lethargy update (Empath) - RELEASED
      • Syphon (Warrior Mage)
      • Anther's Call (Warrior Mage)
      • Aegis of Granite (Warrior Mage)
      • Mark of Arhat (Warrior Mage) - RELEASED
      • Moonblade spell rewrite (Moon Mage) - RELEASED
  • Item Registration - Final Stages
  • Last Name Mechanics - Final Stages
  • Enhanced Renown Scrolls and Guild Registries - In QC
  • Justice and/or System Updates to Handle Deportation, Exile, or Incarceration
  • Title System Phase II - RELEASED
  • Lots of new Library Books -
    • Prydaen Language books - RELEASED
    • 7 other books - RELEASED
    • More to come!
  • Text Book System Phase II (Player-written text books)
  • Redesigned Item Bonding System
  • The Prydaen Hub
  • New Wedding/Party Area
  • Five New Magic Item Types
  • Mechanical Lore Split
  • Necromancer Guild
  • Province 5 - RELEASED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Elothean Houses - Final Stages

We would like to complete the following projects in 2006, but due to the size of these projects, they may not make it until 2007.

  • Bit-Based Experience
  • Graverobbing Overhaul
  • Creature Trading System (Trading WITH Creatures...not Trading the actual Creatures themselves)
  • Mining
  • Gold Panning (Phase I)
  • Gnome Village





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