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As the Spider Turns: Update!
Posted on 10/05/2011 12:39 PM CDT by Webstaff

Events HE 2011

Captain's Log: Truffandu 14, Uthmor 402

Oh, hey!  It’s summertime and that means it’s almost time to rake in those Dokoras!  I can’t wait to open up the spider this season.  We've got so many more merchants all lined up that this year will be the biggest ever!  That Cesiro fella' still asks for too much, but he DOES draw them in.  Feh.  Togs.  Also, note to self:  Self?  You need to get a new Navigator!  We go through them way too quickly!  Maybe consider one that can actually make a left this time.  Also: Need to fix up the ramp chains.  Man, this thing takes a beating with all those tromping boots!


Captain's Log: Evandu 10, Moliko 402

The leaves are falling.  Almost time!  A few test runs with the spider and we'll head back to the Paasvadh Forest.  Dokora, dokora, dokora!  We'll be rolling in 'em!  Oh, hey!  Remember to make sure all the spiders are working.  And we should probably get the blood cleaned up from the games last time.  And remind the cleaning crew to make sure they check all the corners and behind all the machinery for any more loose teeth laying around.  And and and... so much to do!  Oi!


Captain's Log: Evandu 10, Skullcleaver 402

Man!  Talk about your right turns!  UGH!  The right third leg just went and locked right up!  Glarmencouplers and all!  I think we might have warped a Flarmencrank, too.  We spun around like a drunken ballerina!  Actually, come to think of it, it might have looked awesome from the outside.  I wonder if we could do that agai...  Oh, wait.  BAD IDEA!  Nevermind.  We'll be down at least a week fixing it, as it is!  I TOLD them to watch out for the bloody hill, but NOOO.  Stupid navigator.  On the plus side, we've totally managed to get everything else taken care of!  I even talked ol' Cesiro into footing the repair bills!  Hah!


Captain's Log: Faeandu 34, Dolefaren 402

Oh, hey.  “A week” means “a month” in Fix It language.  But who cares?  We're off!  A few quick left turns and we'll be there!


Captains Log: Evandu 10, Akroeg 403

DOOM!  Stupid yellow pool!  Stupid Navigator!  Stupid right turns!  Crashed!  We're crashed and burning and leaking!  Rackensprockets everywhere!  Glarmencouplers broken by the dozens!  Spangleflanges zipping around like...zipping-around spangleflanges!  The left fourth leg all jangled!  We’re unpacking the moth to go find help...

Captain's Log, Supplemental:

Glarmencouplers!  How do they work?!  I'm ruined!  Stupid trolls and their stupid yellow stuff.  


Captains Log: Evandu 52, Ka'len 403

Hoorah for the moth that knows how to make a proper left turn!  We've got the list of damages together, we know what parts we'll need, and I think we've got people willing to help!  Oi!  This is going to be hard!  I hope we pull it off...


What will become of our intrepid Captain and his fearless crew?  More importantly, what about all the stuff they're supposed to be hauling to Hollow Eve?!


Stay tuned!

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