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Fountain of Creation
Posted on 02/23/2010 11:32 PM CST by the Webstaff

The Fountain of Creation spell is now live in all instances and can be learned from your favorite Guildleader.

'The Fountain of Creation spell unleashes a powerful emanation of Life energy through its caster's body, attempting to restore the body to its idealized state at one fell swoop. Though the power of this pattern can be miraculous, it is incredibly draining to use. Realizing this spell requires not only mana but the very life force of its own caster, potentially causing an immediate collapse from exertion.'

This is the pinnacle of instant healing, marking the Empathic mastery over the healing arts. It is not intended to replace Regeneration or previous heal spells, it has its own quirks which render it a potent tool but not one that can be used for every injury in every situations.

This is also an extremely difficult spell to use at its maximum potential.

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