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Treasure For the Taking!
Posted on 01/06/2011 11:59 PM CST by the Webstaff


  • Where can I find one of these?
Go hunting! Any critters that would normally drop some sort of loot will have a chance of dropping a treasure map.  Explicitly, any critter from which you might normally acquire a runestone or a fancy item.
  • Is there a better chance of finding it on a critter or would they be more likely to stash it in a box?
If YOU had a treasure map that reminded you where your loot was buried, would YOU leave it hanging casually out of your pocket or would you lock it in a box?
  • Are these in all instances of the game?
  • Should I hunt the hardest creatures I can find to have a higher chance of finding one?
Maps are not weighted to be more or less common based on for any particular level of creature. Just remember that they're not extremely common, so don't get discouraged. Just keep your eyes peeled.
  • The maps seem pretty vague, is this intended?
Why yes, it is. :-)
  • I'm hunting in Aesry, yet my map seems to be for Zoluren. Is this a mistake?
Absolutely not. Get out there and explore! Treasure hunting may be lucrative but it isn't supposed to be easy! Break out of your usual "grind" and have some fun!
  • Will this teach me anything?
Check your experience when you first find the map!
  • The ferry is taking FOREVER. Will I run out of time to find my treasure?
Nope! Maps don't expire. If it's hard to find, grab a friend or two to help and keep looking!  
  • I can't find my treasure, and it seems it might be in a hunting area that will KILL ME IMMEDIATELY! What now?!
"If you think your treasure is in those hills, you can always go back to it when you've got the skills."
  • Are the maps complicated or hard to follow?
Some of the areas they lead to are more difficult than others. It helps to know some lore of the different areas!
  • I can't figure it out, please give me a hint?
The maps are REALLY PAFO-heavy, and that's intended - they're not an important system and they're totally usable without knowing all of the details. So … nope :-)

Have fun!!

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