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Posted on 01/18/2009 10:57 AM CST by the Webstaff

The treasure system has been completely revamped and is now much more capable of extensibility.

Paired with the new treasure system, the LOOT verb is designed to help you customize what you're looking for on creatures.


  • SEARCH no longer loots equipment off of creatures.  There's no reason to clutter up the room with a hooded cloak, target shield, and short sword every time somebody gets the loot from a goblin, so now it is just treasure.
  • Your selection of gems has VASTLY improved.  They should work perfectly with all old gem systems EXCEPT the gem display cases.  We are actively working on a fix for this, but currently new gems will not display in the gem cases.  As a note, this is why it is merciful to give TF a few days to adjust - There are a LOT more gems, so your scripts are no longer accurate.
  • Some drop rates of items have changed, and some have not.  Specifically, cards are dropping at a rate that is determined in a completely different fashion.
  • Over the next few weeks, the items that found in the treasure system will be changing dramatically as we review the necessity of dispensing dead mice and slender red peppers.
  • In addition to the gem changes, the rate of gems being dropped has changed as well.  There is a good chance that most creatures will drop gems, but they will not drop more than two at this time. This is to reduce the item count all around, and give you guys more valuable things to play with.


  • Type LOOT HELP for a full description of your options
  • If you do not specify a creature, LOOT will find the first unlooted dead creature in the room. For instance, LOOT BOXES will find the first creature in the room that hasn't been looted, and will attempt to loot it for boxes.
  • Treasure items (such as runestones) are generated at the same times that coins/gems/bars are generated.  You will not generate treasure items if you loot for EQUIPMENT.
  • You can loot a creature multiple times for different things.  For instance, you can LOOT GOBLIN BOXES, then LOOT GOBLIN TREASURE, then LOOT GOBLIN EQUIPMENT.  This will have the same effect as LOOT GOBLIN ALL.
  • If you find a box, you cannot loot for treasure.  If you find a box by using LOOT BOXES, you will not be able to LOOT TREASURE on that same creature.  Your chances to get a box are not improved by LOOT BOXES and then LOOT TREASURE.
  • If you do not specify an option, LOOT GOODS will be used.  This searches for boxes and treasure, but not equipment.
  • Lodged items will always be searched out, and will never decay with the creature.
  • The SEARCH verb is still usable, and defaults to the 'GOODS' option.  You cannot specify a LOOT option with SEARCH.


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