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Posted on 08/15/2010 10:07 PM CDT by the Webstaff

It is with great pleasure that I announce the Assassins game for Dragonrealms. The game is only in the registration phase right now, and will move into the delicious killing phase in a few weeks.

A brief description of the game:

Assassins is a game where you can merrily kill your fellow adventurers and earn a bit of money for it. The way that it works is, you join the game, and then can request a target. Your target won't know you're coming after him, but he'll know that somebody is.

When you get a kill, your contract is complete, and you'll be able to claim the bounty from a game representative in-game. However, if your target kills you, your contract gets revoked, and you'll need to request a new one after a bit of a 'shame downtime'.

This is not a one-off event, but rather a continuous, long-running game that you should be able to engage in whenever you please.

Some Notes:

* When you request a target, your skills will be compared to the other players and another player within an acceptable range will become your target.

* The ASSASSIN command will be your portal into the game. It has the following options:

 ASSASSIN JOIN - Join the Assassins game.
 ASSASSIN LEAVE - Leave the Assassins game, provided you are allowed.
 ASSASSIN LIST - List all of the people playing the game.
 ASSASSIN STATUS - Get some basic information about your role in the Assassins game.
 ASSASSIN REQUEST - Request a new target.
 ASSASSIN ABANDON - Abandon your current target.
 ASSASSIN INVESTIGATE [person] - Investigates whether or not a player is targeting you. Can be used once per day.

* News 5 36 has information about consent granted by Assassins.

* You cannot abandon a target until a number of days have passed after you've acquired your target.

* Abandoning a target will make you unable to acquire a new target for a few hours.

* You will not be able to leave the Assassins game if you have a target, or if you area currently being targeted.



The Assassins game is in Registration Only phase currently. Please register for the game if you'd like to play. As soon as we hit a good number of players, we'll start the game off. Joining this game is live in Prime only at this time.



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