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A Familiar Change
Posted on 11/25/2010 02:35 PM CST by the Webstaff

We've released a minor update to familiars. Well the end results will appear minor anyway. This is mostly a behind the scenes update. From a player stand point you shouldn't notice anything different. If you do please post and let us know.

One nice side affect from this update you'll be pleased to know about is the following.
1) Fam alterations just got a lot cooler.
2) Fams can now have a "tap".
3) Fams can now have a "look".


You hold your talisman tightly and concentrate on summoning your leopard.

A fierce shudder runs through you, forcing your head back. A sudden flash of light reveals a heavily spotted white snow leopard at your side.
The snow leopard sits down.
You notice as a heavily spotted white snow leopard gazes around with large yellow eyes.
>look leopard
Taut muscles ripple under the leopard's tight skin, belying the strength behind its lean frame. Noticing you looking, the feline bears its sleek fangs letting out a low growl.
You find the creature to be a magnificent specimen. There is a soft aura about it and you notice the eyes stare back with a nature which hints at intelligence. Your experience as a Warrior Mage tells you this is a familiar.


This is phase 1 of a talisman update. We've got some other stuff up our sleeves at the moment and will post more "soon"!

Alteration Guidelines:

The following are the current guidelines for Warrior Mages getting familiar alterations. Some of these restrictions may be loosened in the future as we continue to work on the familiar system and open up the possibility of more types of familiars, but are not negotiable for now.

  1. The noun cannot be changed. A bear will remain a bear.
  2. The familiar's appearance cannot include magical effects or elemental manifestations. No chill as it passes, fire aura, laser eyes, lightning crackling in its claws, etc.
  3. The familiar's appearance cannot include clothing or other artificial ornamentation.
  4. The familiar needs to appear at a glance to be a living creature that can function as a member of its adoptive species.
  5. The familiar cannot have anthropomorphic features.
  6. As a subjective rule, the familiar will not accept forms that are degrading to it or in bad taste. The alterer is the only arbiter in this matter.

Outside those considerations, familiars do not need to appear natural. Size, proportion, coloration, patterns, and the occasional extra limb can all exceed normal limits for a creature. However, #6 applies strongly when you start playing with unnatural forms. In IC terms, the familiar is in its rights to not answer your summons if you want to bind it in a freak show form. If you want something really weird, keep it artistic and be prepared that you may very well be told no.

Alterations that stay within the natural range of expression for the animal, even the extraordinary ones, are much "safer" and less likely to be rejected.

There will also be an IC rendition of these rules available at the time of alteration.


Discuss it more here!

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